Full Version: NIU @ #17 Ball State Game Thread
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niubrad00 Wrote:
7 Wrote:Somebody has to make a play on offense.

I've seen enough of Chad Spann.

What? I thought it was bad coaching before.
It was, two awful playcalls and a blocked punt attempt is why we are down 7-0.
houstonhuskie Wrote:what is with the 28 yard punt?

They said we're going against the wind the quarter, but I'm not sure how hard the wind is
terrible punt
This is not good.
Davis has too much time
We can't go down by too much with the way the offense looks!
the D needs to force a turnover....they need to start making game changing breaks because the offese isnt doing it
Schiller was a half step from having 6.
hold them to 3 pts
bad bad bad
dang just great
We need a big play NOW
Not good. The offense needs to go down and get points or at least kill off some clock.
This game is going to get out of hand very quickly. we have to score.
The offense is hanging the defense out to dry.
Defense has to start getting some serious pressure on Davis, otherwise he's going to pick apart NIU all night long. Offense needs to score some points.
7 Wrote:The offense is hanging the defense out to dry.


We need a decent length drive, finished with a big play for a TD!
My God we can't do anything on offense...
great play
need a score before the 1/2
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