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UCSB-CSU preview by a Gaucho fan - Gauchofreg - 11-19-2021 03:09 PM

Hey Cougars,

Looking forward to the game tomorrow. I've written up a game preview if you're interested:


UCSB has played one D1 game so far, getting handled easily by the Cougars of Washington State. Final score, a loss by 8, was not indicative as the Gauchos were down by 15 pts for the vast majority of the game with a couple late undefended 3s making the game seem closer than it was.

RE: UCSB-CSU preview by a Gaucho fan - Todor - 11-19-2021 07:27 PM

Thanks for the nice write up! Well done.

Santa Barbara is a good squad, but not quite as good as Loyola perhaps. I watched both of Chicago States first 2 games, but not the Loyola game. I think Chicago will pkay tough, and if they don't win, will keep it closer than 20. Their first 2 games their defense absolutely locked down in the last 5-7 minutes. If they can keep it close and do that again, they MIGHT have a shot. But they are a young squad and its still early in the season, so I don't know enough yet to predict how they'll play after a loss, and on their first big road swing. I'm afraid if SB gets much of a lead early, Chicago won't be catching up though.

RE: UCSB-CSU preview by a Gaucho fan - MICHAELSPAPPY - 11-19-2021 09:02 PM

Those first two games have me with a little bit of optimism for the season. How often have we had two D1 wins at this point? Hopefully this new coach has what it takes.