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Guide to UTEP Football in visiting the Sun Bowl *WIP* - SWFootballFan - 10-22-2021 12:49 AM

Hi Everybody,

It’s been a while and the darkness of conference realignment has reared it’s ugly head. Time to rebuild a FAQ with links to make the best of returning to the Sun Bowl post-2020 virus and the bad years. The light is shining and it is time we support this team regardless of what news is happening. Remember it was the 2000 season that resurrected UTEP from NCAA probation years to CUSA entry as the WAC started to crumble.

UTEP Athletics Football Gameday Guide
This site lists tailgate rules, tickets, parking guide, and a fan guide.

Here is the pdf that maps parking below.
UTEP Parking Map
There are many options:
  • RV Parking
  • Paid Parking
  • Free Parking
  • Sun Metro Shuttle Parking

RV Parking
Since this guide is for non-season ticket holders there are three options.
$225, $60, $50
The price is dependent on how close you will be to the Sun Bowl.
Highest price is near the Party Zone and no need for shuttle.
The middle is near the Sun Bowl Parking Garage, you can access the Sun Bowl via that parking garage or the stairs. Tip: you actually don’t need to enter the garage to access the elevator, there is access behind the garage on the walking path behind the student bookstore. Yes there is a walking bridge on that lot but that is for the nursing school and you will have to follow the free parking lot guide to get to the stadium.
The lowest price you need to follow the free parking guide to get to the stadium both walk and shuttle guides apply.

Free Parking
So the outer parking opens up at 8am, for those who like to tailgate. You can access these lots on the east side of campus.

The Shuttle
You can take a free which is ADA compliant shuttle on Prospect Road between two free parking lots.

The Walk
You can take the Schuster Parking Garage elevator to fourth floor to access the pedestrian bridge to access Rimm Road or the stairs near the RV lot to access Rimm Road. Which leads you to ...

If you decide to walk it typically takes 10-15 minutes to walk this uphill to the game and downhill after the game.
(Place image of the walking path for south, north, and Kidd field entrances)