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2021 Rice football roster - Fort Bend Owl - 06-25-2021 06:43 PM


They updated the roster yesterday with some additions (the incoming freshmen and then some of the recent transfers). I'm not sure if this is the final roster (it might not include some of the walk-ons?). And I didn't really look closely at it to see if anyone is missing that we didn't expect.

I do see one new grad transfer - Christian Vansickle - a K/P from Elon. He didn't play a ton there, so I'm not sure if he can beat out the incumbents at Rice or not. He might help on the kickoffs?

RE: 2021 Rice football roster - dragon2owl - 07-06-2021 12:33 PM

Jonathan Sanchez, 2021 graduate, is going to Our Lady of the Lake to play basketball as a gradaute student. Dealt with injuries and didn't play much on the football team while at Rice.