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IceMan Arnor Eyþórsson (2020-21 Season Highlights) - Sleepy - 06-04-2021 10:14 PM

He scores from anywhere on the court.

RE: IceMan Arnor Eyþórsson (2020-21 Season Highlights) - pono - 06-05-2021 03:20 AM

(06-04-2021 10:14 PM)Sleepy Wrote:  He scores from anywhere on the court.

cetainly one of the more thorough highlight reels I've ever seen. although still doesn't show him playing in a stance and defending his man in the halfcourt where most of the plays are made. I don't know if can defend, but he plays hard and has good size and instincts so he i'd say that part of his game is a ? with potential. on offense some of his dunk or drive game won't carry over to good D1 basketball. however, what is clear is the kid is a shooter. great stroke. super consistent form, arch, rotation, release. 6-7 with a pure jump shot has a chance for sure. i like that a lot of his highlights are with pro league games with decent competition. the question is does his jump shot still go down if the other 3/4 of the game get significantly more intense as a 1st yr freshman? his jumper is his ticket, but i also like his feel for the game and size.

RE: IceMan Arnor Eyþórsson (2020-21 Season Highlights) - WHRocket - 06-05-2021 08:20 AM

Intriguing offensive player. Great range, effortless shot. Handles well for 6-7. Has midrange shot. For those on the board who followed UT in the mid 70’s, reminds me of Ted Williams with more range. Can’t remember if the international 3-point line is farther than the college line but he shoots comfortably behind it.

Pono, I agree we’ll have to see how he can learn defense. Much more complete video highlights than you usually see. Better than the one I saw earlier this year that showed a player making 20 dunks and a layup.

RE: IceMan Arnor Eyþórsson (2020-21 Season Highlights) - DetroitRocket - 06-05-2021 09:00 AM

Thanks for posting the video. I guess we could say The Iceman Cometh, but that was a play about drunks at a bar. And since George Gervin was the Ice Man at EMU, that name is taken.

RE: IceMan Arnor Eyþórsson (2020-21 Season Highlights) - Rocket75 - 06-05-2021 09:22 AM

I did not see many instances of defenders putting a body on Arnor when he is shooting. He will have to get used to that in the USA. Hopefully he will get here to practice during the summer. Shumate is about his size so I think that would be a good matchup in practice. He shoots like Littleson. All he needs is a man bun.

RE: IceMan Arnor Eyþórsson (2020-21 Season Highlights) - Sleepy - 06-05-2021 04:40 PM

If you go to the Selfoss Karfa YouTube page there are several complete game posts.


He definitely has a lot of work to do on defense but he also played the point on the full court press and uses his length to his advantage. My biggest concern is if he can develop the strength and physical toughness for D1 basketball. He can't be described as "broad shouldered" and may have to work extra hard to bulk up.

Eythorsson's game reminds me a little of Keshaun Saunders coming out of Prep school in Canada. Thrives offensively on the perimeter, good but not great ball handler who can drive to the hoop and has defensive potential. Like Saunders he will need time and experience to develop his game.

RE: IceMan Arnor Eyþórsson (2020-21 Season Highlights) - IamN2daRockets! - 06-05-2021 10:29 PM

Probably won’t see significant minutes till ‘23/24 season at earliest . TK has made numerous statements that he has changed his recruiting philosophy based on some major misses so let’s see how well AE pans out. I wish him a good time in USA and I’m glad he’ll see it from a vantage point at UT.

The reference to Ted Williams is a good one. Williams and I were Freshman in ‘74 and Ted was a great shooter. We would be lucky if he is even remotely as good.

Go Rockets!

RE: IceMan Arnor Eyþórsson (2020-21 Season Highlights) - PTLROCK - 06-14-2021 05:46 PM

I finally took some time to watch the video. Thanks for sharing.

This looks like a really talented player. He is very agile for his size, and handles the ball well. There is not a lot of pushing and shoving in this video as mentioned, but this guy has a real knack for finding open space, anticipating, and getting ahead of the play. One frustrating characteristic of some guys this size coming through the program is the inability to create opportunity at the rim. This guy is really good at it. If he is going up, he’s scoring. With his wingspan, ability to anticipate, agility, and quickness, he has all the tools to play defense. Is he the guy that’s gonna be pushing everyone out of the paint? No, but he can get in position, and get a lot of quick put-backs. He has really good hands, is quick, and has nice touch around the basket.

High potential here in my opinion.