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RIP Ally Sidloski - Baleen - 05-24-2021 04:23 PM

Didn't see this mentioned, but tragically a women's soccer team player, Ally Sidloski died over the weekend in a boating accident.



Don't know if anyone on here knew her, but my condolences to her family and friends.

RE: RIP Ally Sidloski - Bearcatbdub - 05-24-2021 04:29 PM

Good grief what a tragedy. Freak accident claiming lives. Can’t imagine how awful the family feels.

RE: RIP Ally Sidloski - Nobones - 05-24-2021 05:55 PM

Wow. Saw this on the news that night did not know it was a UC student. Feel for the family and friends. Prayers to all.

RE: RIP Ally Sidloski - Dannyboy - 05-24-2021 07:10 PM

That’s the saddest thing I’ve seen in a while. RIP.

RE: RIP Ally Sidloski - glacier_dropsy - 05-24-2021 09:32 PM

Condolences to the family.

RE: RIP Ally Sidloski - doss2 - 05-25-2021 07:27 AM

RIP. So sad.

A very attractive, smart, hard working, excellent athlete.

Just saw it also on NewsMax TV.

RE: RIP Ally Sidloski - namrag - 05-25-2021 12:25 PM

(05-25-2021 08:22 AM)BearcatMan Wrote:  
(05-25-2021 07:49 AM)Bearcat419 Wrote:  
(05-25-2021 07:27 AM)doss2 Wrote:  RIP. So sad.

A very attractive, smart, hard working, excellent athlete.

Just saw it also on NewsMax TV.

Kinda weird that the first thing you chose to acknowledge was her physical attractiveness.

Not weird at all if you've been paying attention to them over the years...


RE: RIP Ally Sidloski - Bearhawkeye - 05-25-2021 12:49 PM

I have no personal connection to the family, but this young lady's passing feels particularly sad. She seemed to possess the whole package towards a bright future. My sincere condolences and prayers to her family, friends, teammates and classmates at UC.

Gofundme:#WePlayFor3 Ally Sidloski Memorial Fund

RE: RIP Ally Sidloski - BearcatMan - 05-25-2021 12:57 PM

I actually met Ally twice during UC Soccer functions for alums and current players prior to the pandemic, seemed like an incredibly motivated and intelligent person and it's a damn shame she won't be able to pursue her goals for the future. Talked a lot about her reasons why she wanted to pursue her MD, and they stuck with me...definitely was going to make a difference in that field. Can't even imagine what her family, friends, and teammates are going through...I reached out to a few of the alums on the men's and women's sides who I'm still in touch with and we're are trying to set a few things up for a more permanent memorial. Whenever I read of something like this happening, I instantly go back to Ben Flick...I was working in the AD as a GA at the time and that hit everyone exceptionally hard and I hoped no one would have to experience that again. I imagine there is a pretty dark cloud over Lindner right now too.

RE: RIP Ally Sidloski - Captain Bearcat - 05-26-2021 10:25 AM

This made international headlines:


RE: RIP Ally Sidloski - BomberMan - 05-26-2021 10:55 AM

I can't fathom the pain the family is in right now.

RE: RIP Ally Sidloski - Edgebrookjeff - 05-26-2021 11:09 AM

I can't imagine why you would be in the water this time of year. I'm sure the water temps are not very warm yet.

RE: RIP Ally Sidloski - doss2 - 05-26-2021 12:27 PM

(05-26-2021 11:09 AM)Edgebrookjeff Wrote:  I can't imagine why you would be in the water this time of year. I'm sure the water temps are not very warm yet.
I was thinking the same thing. I looked it up: William H Harsha Lake's current water temperature is 67°F. For an old fart like me that is COLD. At 21 perhaps tolerable.

RE: RIP Ally Sidloski - Edgebrookjeff - 05-26-2021 12:43 PM

67 at the surface, but probably at least 5-10 degrees colder about 5 ft below the surface. Way too cold for any type of water sports.