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Former Trojan - Karl B - 04-26-2021 06:09 AM

Andre Jones is in the portal transferring to ULM. I had lost track of him when Wes removed him from the team. He played at Nicholls State last year. He was one of the most talented local kids we ever signed in my opinion. Beard signed him early before he left and he played for Wes for a year and a half before they got crossways.

RE: Former Trojan - mjs - 04-26-2021 01:12 PM

I lost track of him and didn't even know he was still playing. Crazy. We signed him in the Fall of 2015. he'll likely be at Stephens, playing for ULM, in 2022. He averaged between 10.9 and 12.3 points a game in his 3 years at Nichols. I expect he'll average in double figures at ULM as well. A team made up of our transfers, playing elsewhere next year, would be a pretty salty team. Off hand that would include Kamani, Markquis, Ben, and Andre. Lottie could play another year as well. Probably someone else I'm not thinking about.