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rejuggling schedules - bullet - 11-14-2020 05:46 PM

Georgia AD said SEC has been considering re-juggling the schedules to get teams into the ccg, playoffs and bowls.

Same teams, same location, but they might move the dates around.

An example is Georgia Missouri. The only date is December 19th. Its possible that could be relevant to the SEC East title.

RE: rejuggling schedules - goofus - 11-14-2020 07:47 PM

The season is screwed up no matter what happens from here. They might as well get it over with as currently scheduled with no more postponements.

But if schools start insisting they should push out the CCG in order to play make up games, then most bowl games will either need to be cancelled or pushed out too.

Maybe the can push out the CCG to New Year's day. And the bowls can be played throughout January with the playoffs the week before the Super Bowl and the NCG the week after the Super Bowl.

RE: rejuggling schedules - schmolik - 11-15-2020 06:07 PM

For competitive balance, I would suggest

Alabama at LSU, December 5.
Alabama at Arkansas, December 12.
Mississippi at LSU, December 19 or cancelled.

It's more important Alabama plays all of their games. It wouldn't be fair to Florida or the SEC East Champion if Alabama has a bye Dec. 12. LSU is playing Florida Dec. 12 and you can't move that game to Dec. 19 and if you cancel it then you've given the bye to Florida instead of Alabama. If Alabama loses to Kentucky or Auburn (unlikely), the SEC owes it to Texas A&M to make Alabama play at LSU to give them another chance to lose a game and A&M to win the SEC West.

Georgia was mentioned. If after the December 5 games Florida is 8-1 it wouldn't matter if Florida loses at home to LSU for the purposes of the SEC East since UF will have clinched the East. But if Florida and Georgia are both 7-2, then the SEC should change it to have Georgia at Missouri on Dec. 12 and Vanderbilit-Missouri gets moved to Dec. 19 or canceled to make sure both teams play their 10th game. Right now, the game may not have an effect on who plays in the SEC Championship Game nor its result so it may not be necessary to adjust the schedule like Alabama would.