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2020-21 offseason basketball thread - usm99 - 06-10-2020 03:04 PM

With the summer upon us and nothing else going on might as well discuss something.
It's already been announced that next year's CUSA basketball tournament will be reduced from 12 teams qualifying to just 8. Pod play has been eliminated and now we play 5 teams twice with the other 8 once per season. La Tech is a given as a home/home but the other 4 remain up in the air. I feel like Rice/UNT will be a given while the other two will either be UAB/MTSU or UTEP/UTSA.

Here's where we are on the roster from what i've seen:
LaDavius Draine - SR
Clay Weatherspoon - RSR
Tyler Stephenson - JR
Jay Malone - RJR
Artur Konontsuk - SO
Angel Smith - SO
Denijay Harris - RSO
Jeffery Armstrong - RSO

DeAndre Pinckney - 6'8" G/F Broward CC - 16th ranked JC player
Tae Hardy - 6'2" G Pearl River CC - 1st team Juco All American, 37th ranked JC player
Justin Johnson - 6'7" G South Georgia Tech CC - 13th ranked JC player
Tyler Morman - 6'10" C - Sr transfer from Wyoming so will sit out this year most likely
Javarzia Belton - 6'10" C - incoming freshman
Mark Jaakson - 6'7" G - incoming freshman
Jaron Pierre - 6'4" G - incoming freshman
Blake Roberts - 6'2" G - incoming freshman
Kai Steinman - 6'2" G - incoming freshman according to Ladner's twitter account but haven't seen a release saying he's signed

the 4 seniors plus Isaiah Jones (UNO), Gabe Watson (Tulane), Auston Leslie (Alabama-Huntsville) and David McCoy (unsure but not listed on website).

Interesting tidbit in that there will be 2 former USM players on UNO's roster as Ladarius Marshall from 2 years ago signed with them after playing last year at Hinds CC.

RE: 2020-21 offseason basketball thread - stinkfist - 06-10-2020 10:49 PM

should draw quite a 'crowd'....


RE: 2020-21 offseason basketball thread - Reggie Favre - 06-13-2020 10:15 AM

Gotta hand it to coach. This will be the biggest overall roster upgrade of a class that i can remember. I expect drastic improvement this year. The latest signee will be a beast. Hes 6'10, very athletic and can shoot.

RE: 2020-21 offseason basketball thread - EagNBran - 06-17-2020 10:18 PM

As always with basketball at USM, either win or suffer through no fanbase.