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RE: CFP National Championship Game: LSU vs Clemson - EvilVodka - 01-14-2020 04:47 PM

(01-14-2020 02:25 PM)bullet Wrote:  
(01-14-2020 12:23 PM)quo vadis Wrote:  
(01-14-2020 11:10 AM)bullet Wrote:  
(01-14-2020 12:29 AM)quo vadis Wrote:  
(01-14-2020 12:26 AM)bullet Wrote:  Should have been a close LSU win, but the Pac 12 refs helped LSU beat the point spread.

I just checked the stats and penalties LSU had 11 for 118. Clemson 7 for 78.

Including that awful PI call on LSU when they picked off Lawrence.

Maybe you think it fair if LSU got all the flags?

Ever heard of "lies, damned lies and statistics?":cheers:

They should have gotten more and they got breaks on critical plays. Flagrant pick play on a TD pass. Fake offensive PI on a Clemson TD pass. 30 yard penalty on Clemson for blindside block when the Clemson player was entirely in front of LSU player. Never reviewed the play where the back went out of bounds, giving LSU an extra 20 yards. Did review (and overturn correctly) a Clemson completion. Never reviewed 2 probable targeting calls on LSU while reviewing (correctly) a targeting call on Clemson.

If it wasn't Pac 12 refs, who are known for their incompetence, I would have thought some gamblers got to them.

Both teams got some bad calls do their way. LSU got breaks on the phantom PI call on Higgins (should have been a Clemson TD) and also the LSU receiver in the first half touched out of bounds with his hand and that was missed.

But Clemson got some as well - the phantom PI on the LSU defender when he picked off Lawrence in the 3rd. And as for Tee Higgins being flagged for a blindside block on that big pass to the tight end, Clemson ended up scoring on the drive anyway, and I was surprised Higgins wasn't reviewed for targeting, it looked like he made helmet to helmet contact on that hit, in which case he wouldn't have been around later to score later TDs.

Overall, as Kaplony Balony said, it was a bad game by the refs and both teams got screwed. But suss that out and they still flagged LSU a lot more than Clemson.

LSU was the better team all season and the better team last night. But the refs definitely made it less close last night.

Better team all season
Better team last night
One of the best teams ever 03-cloud9

RE: CFP National Championship Game: LSU vs Clemson - IWokeUpLikeThis - 01-16-2020 12:15 PM