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Easy to explain MBB road record - KSU93 - 01-21-2018 11:16 AM

I think Rob and his courageous team have a hard time playing in front of large crowds on the road. Right now, we average 2,357 fans per game (after selling more season tickets than ever before). That seems to be our sweet spot of a nice intimate crowd. I approve of no radio or print media ads. Paying someone minimum wage to create Facebook ads seems to keep the crowds small. It will be difficult to win at home against Akron since they will come with 2000 fans.

Can you imagine how big the crowds would get if we had the third largest enrollment in the state?

Or if Joel did more for hoops than a new video introduction?

Or if a President did more than state her support and not act on it?

If those things were to happen it would make it tough on Rob to win at home. He should be ok for now. We have a president who is all talk. We have an AD who spent more money finding another losing football coach than he has on advertising for our “signature” program.