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P5 Conference Comparison, Week 2 (September 11, 2017) ... SEC now #1 !!! - quo vadis - 09-10-2017 06:59 AM

We have a new seasonal #1, as the SEC moves past the PAC. The Big 12 actually won the week, as they were the only P5 to not have a losing record..

The SEC backs in to #1 as it had a losing overall week. The SEC notched a "quality" win thanks to Georgia beating #23 Notre Dame, but Arkansas and Auburn lost, dropping the SEC's overall win rate from .75 to .65, still good for #1 on the season. Last week's leader, the PAC, also had a losing week, as Oregon's win over Nebraska was negated by the Arizona schools losing to Houston and SDSU respectively. The PAC's overall win rate falls from .76 to .61, dropping them to #2. The B1G had the most active week, leading the week in wins and losses. Indiana and Minnesota notch rare wins, but countered by Rutgers' "bad" loss to Eastern Michigan. The B1G win rate drops from .67 to .51, keeping them #3.

The ACC's win rate inched up from .38 to .40, despite having a losing week. The ACC notched a "quality win" thanks to Clemson upending #13 Auburn, but suffered a "bad loss" when Syracuse fell to Middle Tennessee, keeping them at #4. The Big 12 rebounded a bit, led by OK's "super" win over #2 Ohio State. But, Baylor and Kansas both suffered "bad" losses at the hands of unranked G5. The Big 12 win rate rises from .20 to .36, but still keeping them in last.

Rankings for September 11, 2017

CONFERENCE               WINS                     LOSSES                  SEASON RECORD    
1) SEC                   G*                         AU,AK                    7.5 - 4 (.652)

2) PAC                   W,O                       OS,AZ,AS                  7 - 4.5 (.608)

3) B1G                   PS,IW,IN,MN              OS,NW,RT#,N               8 - 6.5 (.551)

4) ACC                   CL*,DK                     PT,VA,SY#               5 - 7.5 (.400)        

5) Big 12                OK@,TC                   IS,K#,B#                   4 - 7  (.363)

@ 2 win credit for "super win" (see Method)

* 1.5 win credit for "quality win"

# 1.5 loss credit for "bad loss"

& 2 loss credit for "awful loss"


1) Only OOC games count.

2) Notre Dame is always regarded as a P5 opponent, including for ACC teams. BYU and Army are regarded as G5 opponents.

3) All references to "rankings" are to at the time the game was played.

4) How losses are assessed:

a) A conference is docked 1 loss for losing to any P5 opponent.

b) A conference is docked 1 loss for losing to any FCS or G5 opponent that is ranked in the Coaches or AP poll, including "others receiving votes".

c) A conference is docked 1.5 losses for losing to any unranked G5 opponent. This is a penalty for a "bad loss".

d) A conference is docked 2 losses for losing to any unranked FCS opponent, a penalty for an "awful loss".

5) How wins are earned:

a) A conference is credited with 1 win for any win against any unranked P5 opponent.

b) A conference gets credit for 1 win against an FCS or G5 opponent if the FCS or G5 opponent is ranked in the "others receiving votes" of the AP or Coaches polls.

c) A conference earns 1.5 wins for beating any team ranked between 11-25 in the AP or Coaches top 25. This is a bonus for a "quality win".

d) A conference earns 2 wins if the win is against any team ranked in the top 10 in either poll. This is a bonus for a "super" win.

6) Wins against unranked FCS or G5 earn no credit.

7) For bowl season, the following modifications apply:

- Rankings of bowl game opponents are based on CFP rankings only, save for rules that refer to "others receiving votes" above. For bowl games pitting P5 vs G5, all win and loss credit is earned according to rules 4b-c and 5c-d and 6 above, with CFP substituted for AP/Coaches. So for example, beating a CFP unranked G5 team still earns no credit for the P5 conference, but losing to an unranked G5 in a bowl game does mean it suffers the "bad" loss penalty. But, if the G5 bowl opponent is ranked in the "others receiving votes" of either the AP or Coaches poll, the P5 conference would get credit for 1 win (if they win the bowl game) or just 1 loss (if they lose the bowl game).