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Recruiting: Where we stand now - TerpsNPhoenix - 08-20-2017 08:53 AM

So this is the last weekend before real football starts. Just wanted to put this up to show where we are at. I believe there is a early signing period in December (Dec. 20-22) and then NSD is February 7th. Lots of things can change, and some certainly will. But here is where we are at right now.

247 Composite

Format: National rank/conference rank

Ohio State : 1/1

Penn State : 4/2

Michigan : 15/3

Maryland : 16/4

Minnesota : 31/5

Wisconsin : 33/6

Michigan State : 34/7

Nebraska : 35/8

Northwestern : 37/9

Rutgers : 50/10

Purdue : 53 /11

Indiana : 60/12

Illinois : 65/13

Iowa : 66/14

A few thoughts on this:

OSU and PSU are hammering everyone right now. PSU has 23 commits and can only take 2 more. OSU has 16 and has room to grow.

Michigan has 13 and should climb into top 10 and perhaps top 5.

Maryland looks nice up there but it isn't going to last. Terps have 20 commits and are mostly done with the class. It probably will stay in the top 25 but even if not it shouldn't go past 30 (unless the season goes terribly wrong and recruits bail).

Minnesota is mostly done with 23 recruits as is Purdue with 21 recruits.

Wisconsin and Rutgers both have 18 recruits. They have a little room but probably won't add too much.

Michigan State (15), Nebraska (10), Northwestern (15), Indiana (14) , Illinois (12) , Iowa (11) all have plenty of room to grow and improve their ranking. Also, I'm pretty surprised to see Iowa down at the bottom. I don't see them staying there.

So what do you all think? Insights? Predictions on where your team finishes?

RE: Recruiting: Where we stand now - NJ2MDTerp - 08-20-2017 08:31 PM

I don't see Maryland sustaining its recruiting success if it gets blown out by Texas, Ohio State, Michigan, etc., this year. The Durkin era will be called Vanderlinden 2.0. The pressure is on Durkin to show substantial improvement over last year.

It looks like Rutgers is putting together a decent class. If Ash can convince a few blue chippers to play in state, I can see Rutgers fielding a competitive team in a few years.

Considering the lakeside athletic facility currently under construction, I'm surprised Northwestern is #37. But, then again, Stanford is #81.

RE: Recruiting: Where we stand now - GE and MTS - 08-20-2017 09:03 PM

James Franklin is a good recruiter. It will take time to reach the level of Ohio State and Urban Meyer, if that level can be reached, but Franklin does well. If Penn State can re-land the number one quarterback (and I believe number one overall recruit) who de-committed, they will improve the class even further and solidify themselves as being back at the top of the Big Ten.

RE: Recruiting: Where we stand now - BadgerMJ - 08-21-2017 06:31 AM

Wisconsin is right about where you'd expect them to be. They've never been a program that heavily recruits the "blue chippers", they mainly go after players that fit their system and that they know they they have a good chance of getting.

Maryland and Rutgers have the benefit of not only being in a great recruiting region, but having two coaches that people seem to like and respect. It will all boil down to success. If they can show improvement and show that they're serious about competing with the big boys, they'll be OK, if not, back to square one.

After seeing the list I had two thoughts that immediately struck me.

1) If Nebraska is only recruiting in the middle of the pack in the B1G, Mike Riley's seat will warm up quickly, especially if he only manages third or fourth in the west as a result.

2) Be interesting to see what level of success PJ Fleck can have not only in recruiting but in actual coaching a higher level of talent. He seems like a good coach and so far so good at Minnesota, but something tells me that, just like the MD situation stated by NJ2MDTerp, if they get blown out by several teams, "rowing the boat" might turn into paddling upstream. If year two would be a repeat, PJ's carnival barker routine could get old REAL quick.