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NCAA tournament results by time zone - ken d - 05-15-2017 03:15 PM

For some reason, this struck me as interesting.

Since the tournament field was expanded to 64 in 1985, 27 of the 33 winners were from the Eastern Time Zone. Only 1 (Arizona) came out of the Mountain Time Zone.

During that time, 87 of the 132 Final Four Teams (66%) were from the East, 30 were Central, 5 Mountain and 10 Pacific. I would be curious what the breakdown was of teams invited during that stretch, but that would be way too much work.

In 22 of the 33 tournaments, either UNC or Duke made it to the Final Four. Their longest drought during that time was four years (2011-14).

A total of only 12 schools (out of 350 in D-I) account for 58% of all Final Four appearances during those 33 years.

When does football start again? Clearly, I need something else to think about.