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Pitt - Miami Thread - SoCalPanther - 11-26-2015 03:59 AM

Pitt - 30-28 Miami

and Happy Thanksgiving!

RE: Pitt - Miami Thread - ClairtonPanther - 11-26-2015 12:33 PM

Hard to believe that 9-3 is a realistic possibility and we're here right now. Narduzzi just might be the coach to take us to the promised land. We didn't lose to anyone we shouldn't have lost to and such. With that said, we really haven't played a complete game yet. We've seen amazing half's that either put games away in the second half or a first half like last week. I'm not complaining to complain here, I love where Narduzzi and this staff is taking this program implying that we're seeing flashes of things to come. Now, onto this week, I think we're going to put the U out of it's misery this week and win by a large margin: 42-21 with the U getting a TD late to make it closer than it is.

RE: Pitt - Miami Thread - SoCalPanther - 11-27-2015 03:41 PM

Miami wins 29-24. Pitt fought back but they had too big a whole to dig out from. The two missed FGs hurt of course. Uncharacteristic penalties on Pitt too. Oh well......

Credit to Miami..... their QB played pretty well, slid around the pocket and made some nice throws. I think Miami scored everytime they crossed the 50 except at the end of the game - at least it seemed that way?

Onto the bowl game. Let's see where it is and against who. Pitt definitely needs an upgrade in speed and athleticism on D.

8-4 is still a very very good season considering......

RE: Pitt - Miami Thread - ndlutz - 11-28-2015 11:29 PM

Lost this game in the first half. Oh well - onto the bowl game!