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Introduce yourself here: Who are you? What do you do? What is your background? - Lord Stanley - 10-14-2014 09:55 PM

In the spirit of civility, familiarity and fraternity leading to genuine engagement, here is a thread where posters can share details about themselves. There is no agenda, just a desire to get to know other passengers on this handbasket to hell.

Should you find it appropriate, tell us who you are, what you do, and give some family and life background details that can help other posters find common ground with each other. Details could include your name, family status, where you are from, where you live, school, teams, cars, houses, hobbies, travel - whatever you feel would be of interest to other posters. Include what you feel is appropriate, and leave out what you feel you would like to keep private.

This thread will be moderated, heavily if needed, if there are peanut gallery comments about anyone, anything, or any detail. Please respect the idea of what this thread is trying to accomplish.


RE: Introduce yourself here: Who are you? What do you do? What is your background? - ClairtonPanther - 10-14-2014 10:00 PM

I'm Joey, Navy Vet, coming from a rough background growing up in a tough area. I'm parleying my GI Bill into earning my degree at Pitt. My goal is to be a sports writer.


RE: Introduce yourself here: Who are you? What do you do? What is your background? - Lord Stanley - 10-14-2014 10:57 PM

My name is Lord Stanley.

I was born in Alabama. I have lived at over 30 residences in Alabama, Illinois (x4) Pennsylvania, Singapore, Delaware, Maryland, Indonesia, California, and now Minnesota. Yes, I move a lot. Travel wise I've been everywhere except Antarctica. I now live in the City of Minneapolis with my wife, two tow-headed boys, a big old lazy American Bulldog, and now some fvcking mice that will. not. die in an old-ass house with lots of character but not nearly enough bathrooms. I do a lot of local volunteering and I have been appointed by the City to two different city councils / committees. I am very proud of this and I am happy to say I brought some sanity to a city that can feel just to the left of Mao sometimes. My hobbies are mid-80s German automobiles, wood working, and DIY. Recently I have taken up tobacco pipe smoking on rare occasions to go along with my enjoyment of American bourbons and blended scotches.

I grew up in Singapore and spent a lot of my college year summers in Jakarta. My father was an oil engineer who helped open up new markets in Asia, specifically SE Asia, starting in the early 80s. He was one of the first American businessmen to successfully close oil deals of any substance in China and in Burma (it's Burma to me until the Junta is overthrown) and all parts in-between. This international expat lifestyle lead me to what I do today, which is Human Resources / Talent Management / Talent Mobility leadership both on the vendor side and the Fortune 500 corporate side. Now I am with a small boutique firm specializing in Talent Mobility Strategic Thought. Small industry, not terribly hard to master, and it has lead me to all corners of the globe. It could be worse.

Lord Stanley is a bar I worked at in DeKalb, IL where I attended Northern Illinois University on an Athletics scholarship. I was pretty good at what I did, and almost qualified for NCAAs. But in my sport, a tenth of a second could be a proverbial mile, so while close time wise, I really wasn't thaaat close. Still, good times were had and the school and the sport remain pretty close to my heart. It has been fun watching NIU jump to national football prominence and NIU is a school on the rise. Finally.

I am thinking of upping the family and exploring heartily encouraging my wife to apply for overseas teaching jobs at private schools. I can work remotely or get a job in my industry just about anywhere on the planet, so hopefully in 2-3 years I'll update this post and tell you all about how cool it is to live in Ulaan Baatar or Perth or Bratislava or Reykjavik or somewhere in between.

I am a Conservative. I believe in fiscal responsibility, a strong national defense, and keeping the government out of people's lives. This is why I do not support limits on marriage, and I with heavy heart support limited choice for abortion. That was a tough one to reconcile but there it is.... I firmly believe in the 2nd Amendment and I am an active conceal and carry permit supporter. I carry when appropriate, leave it at home when appropriate, and never tell anyone except my wife if I am carrying. I have never drawn my weapon and actively find myself avoiding situations where I could get into trouble - which is a good skill to have regardless of my carry status.

When I retire I want a summer cabin up in the Apostles in Wisconsin, a small condo in downtown Chicago, and hopefully some land and a western style cabin in Wyoming in the Bighorn Mountains. And when I die, I want to die quietly, not screaming like the passengers in grandpa's car (almost true story.)

RE: Introduce yourself here: Who are you? What do you do? What is your background? - DexterDevil - 10-14-2014 11:10 PM

I'm Trenton, I'm from Westland but call Grass Lake, Michigan home (Much prefer the country to crowds). My father is a high school dropout/entrepreneur, owns 6 collision shops with plans to expand larger as well as having spent 5 years owning NASCAR teams (K-Automotive co-owner and Whitney Motorsports) so I work for him pretty much doing everything (slow and with help but learning).

I'm a Eastern Michigan fan (Sparty when it comes to the Big Ten), I love hockey and rugby, drive a 2002 Monte Carlo. Have been to almost every state East of the Mississippi plus Texas, California, and Hawaii.

RE: Introduce yourself here: Who are you? What do you do? What is your background? - gdunn - 10-14-2014 11:37 PM

I'm gdunn. Born and raised in South Mississippi. I'm a USM grad. My first year out of school I bounced all over the country. I lived in Key West, New Orleans, Staten Island, and Portland-- The one in Oregon. At one point in that year I was on the FBI/ATF pass list to have over 3000 lbs of explosives in my possession. Made for real interesting plane rides when bomb residue was found on my laptops or hard hats. When that job was over, I went to work for another company and I've been at Ft. Bragg, NC; built a Max Security Prison in Mississippi; and currently I'm in Missouri doing another government project.

RE: Introduce yourself here: Who are you? What do you do? What is your background? - nomad2u2001 - 10-14-2014 11:37 PM

My name is Nomad2u2001, a name I first picked for an old yahoo email account in the seventh grade.

Besides having lived in two countries, I come from incredibly average background. My dad was a factory worker before he got the inspiration to go into building and then investing. My mom was an ECON major who didn't know what to do with it until about a year ago. In the meantime she taught government in Canada and NC History in NC before becoming a principal. My average background translated into average grades and such in school, but I've traditionally rocked any test I've ever taken and was actually recognized by the College Board when I got my scores back from the first 2400 SAT session.

I ended up at ECU (the fourth person in my family to attend) and, after realizing that I didn't want to finish with debt, I enlisted in the Coast Guard and went reserve after my initial contract. Visited some pretty cool places in the process. After finally graduating from ECU, I went to work for my dad at his business before moving on to my current job as one of "The IT GUYS" at a call center owned by a large corporation. I want to get a Masters of Accounting to go into IT consulting--I wouldn't call it a dream job, but I really want to do it.

Now I live very near Raleigh with my wife and no kids. I'm an ECU fan all the way and nothing disappoints me more than the lack of a varsity wrestling team. Wrestling is my FAVOURITE sport BTW. My wife is hardcore into cricket and missing a West Indies T20 isn't gonna happen with her around. I also spend a few days a week playing rugby after work.

I'm currently knee deep into writing. I've only shown my stuff to my wife and people in the local meetup group. There's something cool about being able to make your own stories and get on the mic. Maybe I'll seek to be published one day.

RE: Introduce yourself here: Who are you? What do you do? What is your background? - gobluebigjon - 10-15-2014 12:02 AM

Jon, from Toledo OH. 3rd oldest of 17 kids, most adopted. Went to a small college in Ohio, got a piece of paper that said i put my time in, and had a great time there. Have been a UM fan since I was old enough to think for myself thanks to my grandpa on my mom's side, even though there are pictures of me in O$U outfits prior to that. Now live in the Phoenix area and while I enjoy it, I doubt this is where I will retire.

RE: Introduce yourself here: Who are you? What do you do? What is your background? - TomorrowHerd - 10-15-2014 04:35 AM

TomorrowHerd: Born and raised in Germantown, Ohio.
Graduated From Marshall in 1990.
Lived all over the Southeast (8 states and 23 cities) as a regional manager for Applebee's before I went back to college and got my Nursing degree.
Been a Critical Care nurse since 1996.
Lived on the island of Saipan for 13 years, until moving to my present home of Anchorage, Alaska.
Traveled all over SE Asia and Micronesia while there. I am actually leaving in the morning for another 2 week stay in the Philippines.
Working in ANC to financially make up for the time I played on the islands. 03-wink

RE: Introduce yourself here: Who are you? What do you do? What is your background? - BucFyre - 10-15-2014 07:30 AM

BucFyre, 32, Female, currently residing in a suburb of Atlanta.

I grew up in Northeast Tennessee and went to East Tennessee State University. My heart bleeds blue and gold for my Bucs but I also grew up a fan of the University of Georgia (sorry GTS), my parent's went there and my dad was on the football team from 1966-69. I've been attending football games in Athens since I was 5.

I've been married twice and I'm in the process of getting divorced from my 2nd husband. I don't think that it's necessarily a secret on this board that my current spouse is a combat veteran who suffers from PTSD and a nasty drinking problem. It was an unhappy and unhealthy situation so I finally decided to get out.

I work in the employee benefits/health insurance world so I have seen a lot of changes in the nature of my business since the ACA has become a reality but it's a needed field and I generally enjoy what I do.

RE: Introduce yourself here: Who are you? What do you do? What is your background? - 49RFootballNow - 10-15-2014 09:27 AM

My name is 49RFootballNow but my friends call me Muad'dib. I am a Constitutionalist, Conservative and Christian. I have some Libertarian stances on some social issues. I am the Kwisatz Haderach and I ride Shai Hulud on the weekends for fun.

Bless the water!

RE: Introduce yourself here: Who are you? What do you do? What is your background? - GrayBeard - 10-15-2014 10:44 AM


RE: Introduce yourself here: Who are you? What do you do? What is your background? - mlb - 10-15-2014 11:02 AM

mlb, 35 year old male, father of 3 (all with my ex-wife). Fiscally conservative. Socially I think the gov't should stay out of our personal life. Cincinnati graduate, work as a network manager for a small gov't contractor.

RE: Introduce yourself here: Who are you? What do you do? What is your background? - DaSaintFan - 10-15-2014 11:17 AM

Let's see.. "I'm me.. not me.. I'm me!"

44 years (45 next month).. Born in Iceland, raised as a kid primarily in Illinois and Mississippi to two military parents, father in the US Army and Navy. Mother in the British Army.

Spent a year at Mississippi State before I realized I'd go broke before getting anything done (and realized just how cliquish certain universities are), so pulled 3 years at Junior College before finishing up with another 3 at USM with a degree in Computer Science with emphasis on Programming in '04.

Married with no kids due to family medical issues, and liked the current company I've been working with for 19 years that when we up and relocated... I jumped at going with the company to Missouri with no qualms.

Hobbies: I'm not much of a social person, so I don't go out and meet people much. I used to be a regular chess player (not so much anymore), Model Trains of HO Scale and Stamp Collecting. I'm a big fan of Sherlock Holmes, (I've got to make a trip to the St. Louis Science Center for their exhibition.), and I'm a huge fan of trivia games and shows (although I refuse to pay $150 bucks for a table at some of these trivia contests they have in St. Louis)

For my "physical" hobbies, I go bowling as much as I can but i can never seem to break that 170 average I've been wanting.

The one thing I joke about is about my family tree and the fact that I have one set of ancestors who show up in my family tree about 4 times, including in three entirely different generations (So they'd be great(x3) , Great(x4) and Great(x5)-grandparents all in one.)

I'm a Constitutional conservative who believed that the "commerce clause amendment" was the worst decision the Supreme Court ever made, overriding the 10th amendment.

And I personally think that comedians of today will NEVER (and I mean NEVER match up) to the comedy groups like Abbott & Costello, Laurel & Hardy, Danny Kaye, Dick Van Dyke, etc.

I guess that's enough:

Oh yeah, I believe Cats were spawned directly from the loins of Lucifer himself!

RE: Introduce yourself here: Who are you? What do you do? What is your background? - HeartOfDixie - 10-15-2014 11:17 AM

I'm HoD, a young attorney currently living in Montgomery Alabama. I'm from all over. I was born in Louisiana but grew up mostly in Africa and Europe with stints in Houston. My family is from Alabama so it is my only real home state.

I have a degree from UA, Samford, and The University of Vienna. I am considering going back to school for an LLM from Trinity College in Dublin.

I am involved primarily in international oil and gas as well as some government relations. I do a lot of work, or have worked, in Kurdistan, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Angola, South Sudan, Nigeria, Camaroon, Libya, and Kazakhstan.

Politically, I'm what is called a Christian Democrat in Europe. I'm socially conservative but economically moderate to left.

Introduce yourself here: Who are you? What do you do? What is your background? - DragonLair - 10-15-2014 12:40 PM

Name is dragonlair. Born in Dallas grew up in milton, ga college and football at UAB now live in nashville.

Just a young buck a couple years out of college working my first job. Been married for nearly a year and my wife is due with our first kid in a couple days/weeks.

I work as a salesman for a manufacturer and my territory is large so I get to travel to a bunch of place in the mid Atlantic states. I go to a lot of industrial places such as steel mills, chemical plant rendering plant.

I know a lot of people don't like sales jobs but it is what I wanted to do. Very few jobs allow you to travel and meet a lot of good people and the money ain't half bad either.

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RE: Introduce yourself here: Who are you? What do you do? What is your background? - NIU007 - 10-15-2014 04:19 PM

I'm the youngest of 10 and spent most of my life in the far western burbs of Chicago. Got my Bachelors in Business (Operations Mgmt and Information Systems) from NIU and follow the football team closely, plus a few basketball games. Fiscally centrist I guess, and socially liberal. I'm an environmentalist at heart, but don't belong to any organizations like that. Most interest groups IMO make people lose perspective and make them less likely to see the forest for the trees (pun intended) and less likely to be able to listen to opposing arguments. I'm skeptical about economic theories. I grew up Catholic and see some sense in what I was taught about how to treat others but other than that I lean toward science now.

I voted for the older Bush but have gone more Democrat lately. When not making inane posts on this board I work for an insurance company, mostly a job not a career but it pays reasonably well. I also worked for the VA for 5 years right out of college, plus a couple other jobs. For hobbies I love playing pool and can play for hours, also reading, astronomy, playing scrabble, and running. And of course, watching football, both my Huskies and Da Bears.

RE: Introduce yourself here: Who are you? What do you do? What is your background? - dfarr - 10-15-2014 08:10 PM

I'm David, 32 married with 1 son and another due in January. I was born in Montgomery, AL then moved to Opelika (right next to Auburn) when I was 12. Moved to Birmingham at 18 thanks to a full ride academic scholarship to UAB. I was either a student or employee at UAB for 12 years and picked up 4 degrees along the way.

Currently I'm a nurse practitioner in Opelika. Moved back here 2 years ago to be closer to grandparents and to have a little more small town than Birmingham.

I'm fiscally conservative and socially moderate with a large libertarian streak. I believe people should be held accountable for their actions, especially when it comes to health care and their spending priorities.

RE: Introduce yourself here: Who are you? What do you do? What is your background? - Owl 69/70/75 - 10-15-2014 10:39 PM

Born and raised in Alabama. Parents loved to travel, so travelled extensively (all stateside) growing up.
Went to Rice on an NROTC scholarship. Played football and golf in HS, rugby and golf at Rice.
Did 4 years active duty in the Navy, mostly brown water, 2 deployments to West Pac, 1 to the Med, rest divided between Mideast and South America. Played some more rugby with Royal Navy counterparts east of Suez.
Back to Rice to get a Master's in Accounting, then on to U of Houston law school (on GI Bill, thank you taxpayers, you bought a lot of education for me). Stayed in naval reserves and retired as Commander (Lt Colonel for you army/air force types).
Attorney/CPA, spent my career doing regulatory, environmental, and bankruptcy law; IT, financial, and strategy consulting; and mergers and acquisitions, mostly for clients in energy, government, banking/mortgage/real estate, and health care.
Now semi-retired and teaching law at a university and coaching the women's rugby team.
Between navy, oilpatch, and rugby, have travelled a lot. Been to every continent, 60+ countries, round the world several times, as far north as flying over the pole and as far south as the coast of Antarctica.
Besides travel, other interests are sports and music.
Political views are pragmatic libertarian. Friend and supporter of Ron and Rand Paul. Two of Ron's children and Rand's siblings (Ronnie and Joy) are part owners of businesses that were long time clients of mine.

RE: Introduce yourself here: Who are you? What do you do? What is your background? - Murray007 - 10-15-2014 11:39 PM

I'm Murray007. The name comes from series of computer games that I loved as a young kid - the Monkey Island adventure games. I currently attend Old Dominion University and reside in Norfolk, VA. I come from a stereotypical family of four and I have one younger sibling.

My family has moved all over the United States: we have lived in Texas, California, Kansas, Florida, and Virginia. Each place was a unique experience and I believe these experiences has made me a well-rounded person. Virginia has been an excellent place to live over the past 6 years as I graduated high school and then received a full-ride scholarship to attend ODU. I owe a lot to ODU for this great opportunity to graduate without any student debt. I have two majors here: history and mathematics. As far as teams go, I'll always follow the Monarchs and root for them. Also, I'm planning to attend graduate school at either the University of Wisconsin or the University of Minnesota.

Some other details about me:
I drive an old Corolla and do my own maintenance even on difficult repairs.
I love to bike and hike. I'm planning to complete most of the AT in Virginia this next May (I've already completed Georgia and Tennessee/North Carolina)

Political leanings:
I'm a libertarian by nature with some social conservative leanings. I do love talking about politics but I'm mainly a lurker here.

RE: Introduce yourself here: Who are you? What do you do? What is your background? - Ole Blue - 10-16-2014 01:26 AM

Ole Blue here. Born and raised in the center of Tennessee in Music City. Didn't live anywhere else growing up but now I temporarily reside in Miami, since I go to the U of Miami and will graduate soon. Will probably go into government work after I finish up my schooling (political science), probably not going to go into anything too controversial though (sorry to disappoint 05-stirthepot). Baptist since birth and I still practice privately fairly frequently though I don't go to church that much anymore since there are no good baptist churches in Miami that appeal to me.

Fan of: MT Blue Raiders (born & raised w/ Blue Blood); Miami Hurricanes (alma mater); Pitt Panthers (family connections). Nashville Predators are my NHL team, Memphis Grizz for NBA, and Titans for NFL. I think I am a bad luck charm for professional teams... 03-lmfao

Politically: I am moderate and not too into political debate. Fiscally I am moderate to somewhat conservative. Socially I am more liberal (strongly pro-gay rights) but I am mostly pro-life (anti-abortion in most cases and anti-death penalty). I don't really like to identify with parties but the Republican Party of Tennessee is so far out there I hardly ever like any of their candidates. The Democratic Party is better but still not that good. I think I will try to steer clear of partisan politics in what I do for work.