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Rumors from breakfast this morning - Wolfman - 06-28-2013 04:32 PM

Plans for indoor practice facility are moving along. Most likely location will be west side of stadium where RVs park. Not really sure about this because existing practice fields are on the east side of the stadium. Something about they wanted to be closer to the Murphy center. On the other and it might mean they don't have to duplicate facilities - locker rooms, film rooms, etc. More money could be devoted to the "practice" part of the facility.

State is looking at building a new baseball field near Carter-Finley. If you remember, a few years ago there were plans to put a baseball stadium there and share it with the Mudcats. The Durham bulls got the rules changed so the Mudcats could not play there (home plate was too close). State made improvements to Doak Field. Personally, I'd rather see them improve Doak.

Softball would move to Doak Field. Not sure what softball will do with 3,000 seats but I think they want to use the existing softball facility for field events (i.e. track & field). Raleigh Relays are getting pretty popular and they need space.

Still looking for a home for the Hall of Fame. Could be part of indoor practice facility or Reynolds Coliseum.

Coffee was awesome!