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A-Sun adds men's lacrosse - HatterFan - 02-11-2013 01:18 PM

Jacksonville, Mercer, High Point, Furman, Richmond and VMI next spring with an NCAA auto bid. How about that.


RE: A-Sun adds men's lacrosse - mufootballfan - 02-11-2013 03:52 PM

That's great !
Now Stetson and a few more schools need to jump in.

Football next ?

RE: A-Sun adds men's lacrosse - NoDak - 02-12-2013 09:28 PM

(02-11-2013 03:52 PM)mufootballfan Wrote:  That's great !
Now Stetson and a few more schools need to jump in.

Football next ?
Congrats to the ASUN.

I believe, however, that the ASun will not have an automatic bid until 2016.

If a conference adds a new sport, they do not get autobids in that sport for two years. See the Big Ten hockey league and perhaps a Big Ten lacrosse league (if Hopkins joins or another Big Ten school starts men's lacrosse).

Quote:The six teams will play a single round robin schedule, along with the championship to be scheduled in May of 2014. As a multi-sport conference, the A-Sun is immediately eligible for automatic qualification into the NCAA championship. The NCAA Championships Cabinet determines the format for NCAA championships.

The Big Ten, if it can get six teams, will not gain an autobid until two years after the sixth team is added.
Quote:The Big Ten, then, is looking at three scenarios: (1) Allow its members to stay in their current conferences, essentially making Maryland and Rutgers fend for themselves in the wild; (2) Push a Big Ten school -- Michigan State, Minnesota, etc. -- to pursue varsity men's lacrosse in a two-year period (which isn't impossible, but it is daunting); or (3) Take on lacrosse-only members, which doesn't seem all that likely. All involved in this situation would probably prefer for the second scenario to occur, resulting in a fully Big Ten-populated conference that would only need to wait two seasons for an automatic invitation to the NCAA Tournament (something that the Big East went through recently). Only time will tell how this plays out.


The C7 has a similar issue, as it will only have five members (Gtown, Villanova, Providence, Marquette, St Johns) and if it gets one more, will have to wait two years.

RE: A-Sun adds men's lacrosse - mufootballfan - 02-24-2013 12:19 PM

It would be ideal to have 7 or 9 teams eventually.
An odd number of teams would give each team the same number of home conference games.