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- calling_the_hogs - 11-13-2004 08:53 PM

Here's my thoughts after attending today's 35-3 win over Ole Miss..

Crowd - quietest of the year for 4 main reasons...
1) It wasn't Texas
2) UA had lost 4 straight, so some people lose enthusiasm
3) It was an 11:30 am kickoff... UA fans love NIGHT games.. we're night owls
4) It wasn't Texas (repeated only to emphasize)

Offense.. overall grade A

Quaterbacks..A.. Matt Jones made his last game in F'ville a good one. Fairly good with the passing, and the long TD run was fitting for a Senior Day performance. I'd have loved to have Robert Johnson pass more, as he needs the experience to take over next year, but with the game already in hand, I could understand why HDN decided to play the run.

Running Backs..A.. DeArrius ran hard..too bad he got the concussion. DeCori finally got a good TD run in. Peyton runs hard as he always does... it's going to be really exciting watching him the next few years, since he's this good as a freshman.

Receivers... A... caught most of the passes that came their way. MAJOR PROPS to Chris Baker for his catch over the defender, and to Marcus Monk for the one-handed grab... Monk's just a freshman too.. I hope we don't lose him to the NFL soon.

Offensive Line.. A-.. Matt had to rush a couple of times, but the line has gelled better, opening up some holes for the backs. I'm past getting tired of being stuffed with runs up the middle though.

Playcalling... B+... HDN opened it up a little more....the bootleg on 4th and 1 was awesome.. but come on... the runs up the middle all the time on 1st and 10 are getting OLD.. for the 4th year in a row!

Defensive Grade.. B -

Defensive Line... B.. finally got a couple of sacks.. but too many times let Flatt, and late in the game Lane, get away from them. Good 4th down stand in the first quarter though, and didn't give up a touchdown for the first time this season

Linebackers... C.. did an average job.. didn't see any LB make a huge play.. average grade for them

Secondary.. B-... kept a lot of big plays from happening.. but some of that was also because Ole Miss players were dropping some catchable passes. Vinett did a great stop on 4th down. Zone defensive coverage though is frustrating.

Special Teams... B

Kickoffs.. A..the pooch kick was so-so.. but the props go to Carlton for kicking the hell outta the ball from the 20... a penalty ended up putting Ole Miss on the 15.. all in all a good special teams job on kickoff coverage.

Punts...B.. Davis punted fairly well..not much to say on this

Place kicking.. C... blocked FG attempt ruined this one.. that was weak on our part

Overall Grade... B+/B

We could've played better.. but we played mostly mistake-free and we made some big plays early to seal the outcome.