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Taylor Bennett...Our Savior? - Pcooper114GT - 04-10-2007 03:08 AM

I just have to advertise the fact that I have tons and tons of faith in this guy. And not just because I've spent the last four seasons wondering why Reggie Ball was taking snaps.

I've spent some time compiling some research for your reading pleasure.
I have an Old Testament exam in 7 hours and I haven't started studying for it yet because of this. So...enjoy.

- Solid Spring scimmages: threw eight touchdown passes in the
team's first three scrimmages.
- Height: 6'3" One of the tallest starting (safe assumption, I think)
QB since the 80's I believe (and no, A.J. Suggs doesn't count).
- The Gator Bowl: Completed his first 8 passes, 19 for 29 (65.5%)
for 326 yards (Most ever for Tech in a bowl game and 13th in Tech
history for a quarterback), 11.24 Avg yards per pass, 3 touchdowns of
31, 48, and 27 yards. Possibly one of the greatest performances by a
quarterback in school history if you consider the crazy circumstances.
- Ability in the Clutch: Victory over UConn in 2005 (Started for sick
Reggie Ball), 42 yard touchdown on his very first collegiate snap (he and
Matt Leinert are the only NCAA DIV I-A quarterbacks to ever do this),
see The Gator Bowl.
- Attitude: Since 2005, I've been to all 13 home games and 4 away
games, and I've noticed that he is always the first person on and off the
field and is always talking with Gailey. He seems to be a bit of a
butt-kisser, but I think his attitude is much more positive than Reggie.
- Touchdowns/Interceptions: 6 / 2 over 9 games.

Though he seems incredibly capable through the air, he doesn't seem like he's quite the runner we're used to. He averages -1.27 yards per carry, though he has only carried 11 times. He lacks not only the moves, but the power and speed that we're used to in Reggie Ball.

I don't know why I'm presenting you with all this information. Just looking for opinions I guess. I think Taylor Bennett is everything we need.

I'm really ready for football season to start. We have a great home schedule this year. But my season tickets got moved. I'm pretty pissed.

Anyways, anyone else find it ridiculous that Tashard Choice only got 2nd All-ACC?! What the crap is that?!

That is all.

Devil's advocate time... - copycat - 04-10-2007 05:41 PM

Is TB really that good?

WVU had very little game film to go on when preparing. All they could probably figure is that he was 2nd string, so he had to be worse than Ball for many reasons. TB proved them wrong in the first half going 11/14 with 2TDs and many great passes to CJ.

The second half? Not so much. 8/15 isn't exactly lighting it up. We got 7 points. Oh sure, that's better passing than Ball would have had, but TB can't run to save his life. WVU made adjustments and TB was merely average in the second half.

I also don't believe that one good game (a bowl game for that matter) makes a QB good the rest of the time. I think LSU will have the same issue, their starting (or who should be starting) QB had a great bowl game filling in for Russell two seasons ago against Miami, but I think Duke could have beaten that dejected Miami squad. Okay, maybe not Duke, but just about any bowl-eligible team could have. It will be interesting to see how TB does with big games week after week in the ACC. Starting off at Notre Dame is no way to begin a career (I know he's had two starts, but it's his job now). Samford in week 2 should be the "warm-up" game. At that point, the conference schedule starts with BC at home, and BC is never an easy team. It just gets worse from there!

Now, to be fair: TB has had a good spring. I think between having a real Offensive Coordinator (sorry Patrick Nix fans) and a better playing field, we'll do better than last year. The defense will be good enough to win games on their own, so the offense will merely have to hold serve in a lot of games to win it. Can TB do that? We shall see. Losing CJ is going to hurt, especially when he schools some NFL corners for the millions he deserves. We all predicted Reggie would finally shine his senior season, and "we all" were wrong :)