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- Bringin it from the ' - 01-24-2003 07:16 PM

I think that was his name...the great RB at FU a few years ago. Does anyone know if he latched on with an NFL team? I haven't heard his name but maybe he'll get a shot like Adrian Peterson did with the Bears late in the season.

- hawg - 01-25-2003 07:27 PM

Ivory took a big clean hit around the knees against WKU in the 2001 playoffs (his senior year), two weeks before FU ended GSU's playoff streak at the burro. Although he came back and played in the finals at Chatt, he really shouldn't have - was about 50%. After the season, he had some extensive rehab that included, I think, surgery. He was on crutches when the NFL combine did their thing. He's doing some sort of intern thing with FU sports right now and looks great. I understand he's going to try to catch on with NFL-Europe, hoping it will lead to greater things.
I wish him luck. Great guy, great player.

- Catamount Cooter - 01-26-2003 10:48 AM

One of the best SoCon backs to ever play the game! He was a good one for you guys.