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- Catamount Cooter - 03-02-2003 08:20 PM

Now that you're back in Savannah, are you gonna make the tourney in Charleston to see the Cats get some January 25 payback? :D HA! Glad to see you back where you wanted to be. GO CATS!! 04-cheers

- gasoutherneagle - 03-03-2003 10:24 AM

Not gonna be down there in time for tourney. Moving date is May, maybe late April.

But, you're right... I DO belong there.

...oh, and that date in Statesboro is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY ON! ...so get that liver ready, pal. 04-drinky 04-cheers

- Catamount Cooter - 03-03-2003 09:16 PM

That liver is ready and THEN SOME!! :D Oh, it's in May. Cool. Cannot wait to visit Statesboro October 11th! GO CATS!!