Full Version: POLL: FSU in Sugar? What a farse!
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Ok UGA fans...I bring the decision to you. I posted a message on the FSU board a few days ago asking them (tongue in cheek) to start a petition to give to their Athletic Director to boycott the Sugar Bowl.

I cited reasons for them wanting to do this as:

1) It would be embarassing for them to go down in the record books as the worst team EVER to play in a BCS bowl.
2) No 4 loss team should ever be allowed in a BCS bowl.
3) Backing into a conference championship is not enough to qualify you for a BCS bowl.
4) It's a anti-climatic monumental waste of a BCS appearance by our Dawgs to have to play a 4 loss team that is not ranked in the BCS in our last game of the season.

The post has had nearly 300 views and close to 60 replies...mostly from me and a few FSU fans. A couple of UGA fans have chimed in as well. I'd like to know how UGA Nation feels about playing a 4 loss team in a bowl game that we had to bust our ass to get to while FSU once again breezed through the weak ACC to get to the Sugar.

All of this is assuming that we beat ARK next Saturday. Funny thing. If we lose to ARK (G-d forbid) we will go to the Citrus Bowl and play a higher ranked team than FSU and the Sugar will get a game between a 3 and a 4 loss team. What a TV draw that will be, huh?
If UGA doesn't want to play in a BCS bowl, I'm sure there are other teams willing to bite the bullet and participate. It might be a better idea to save this poll until after the game Saturday. Otherwise you might be bitching about an irrelevant point. 03-wink

<!--EDIT|cant_think_of_a_witty_name|Dec 1 2002, 08:28 PM-->

First you cause a riot on the FSU message board demanding that 'Noles fans sign a petition to keep their team from going to the Sugar Bowl, now you are trying to jinx our team by assuming the following:

Georgia beats Arkansas on Saturday night and
Miami beats Va Tech.

I refuse to play your BCS mind games. I am holding out hope for a Va Tech upset over Miami. I feel confident the Dawgs will be playing in the Fiesta Bowl.

Now please be quiet until after this weekend. By the way, what time are you picking me up for the Georgia-Arkansas game on Saturday?
Hey witty name. What gave you the impression I was saying that UGA didn't want to play in a BCS game? Jeez! Also even if we lose (as mentioned in my message as well) you still have two teams with a combined 7 losses in the Sugar Bowl. Can you guys freakin read? So my point is still relevant.

"Other teams bite the bullet"? How in the hell can that happen?

Also you and luckydawg need to read my post again. It did say that all this is assuming that we beat ARK and if either of you want to use me as the scape goat in case we lose, then get a life, get some balls and vote in the freakin poll.

Why can't you people not take everything so damn seriously? Have some fun and vote in my poll.

Hey luckydawg, be at my house no later than 1:30 on Sat.
I don't have a problem playing FSU. But, if you are looking for a real travesty, watch Notre Dame get picked to play in the Orange after getting their clock cleaned by USC.

Go Dawgs.
You are correct. Notre Dame has been living on barrowed time - just like LSU did most of the year.
C'mon folks! Almost 60 of you have read this post and only 5 votes? Help a brother out here so I can prove a point to the FSU folks on the other board.

I will send you "I Voted" stickers!

Hey Luckydawg, I don't want to bust your bubble, but should Va Tech beat Miami this weekend, UGA probably would not earn enough points to overtake Miami in the BCS. From an article on the AP wire this morning, it stated that since UGA is almost 6 points behind Miami, that would be an almost insurmountable lead to overtake. So even if VA Tech beats Miami, Miami still goes to the Fiesta with 1 loss.
I think it takes away alot of the fun of being in a bcs game against a team that in a normal year is in the peach bowl.
This is something Tech and UGA fans can definitely agree on. There is NO WAY F$U deserves the Sugar Bowl. I sure as hell hope Notre Dame doesn't make it into the mix either. It's all up to Wash State. If they win, USC gets in and ND is left to head to Jacksonville. If they lose, USC goes to Pasadena and ND gets in by default. :rolleyes:

BTW, if the Mutts lose, you guys will play Penn State in the bowl formerly known as the Citrus.
Like it or not, we really have no control over where we go, though we are a 4 loss team. The way the BCS is set up we will either play in the Sugar or the Orange. Now none of us have to agree with it, but that is the BCS way of doing things, if we don't like it, then petition the BCS to change it.

<!--EDIT|88Nole|Dec 4 2002, 09:04 AM-->
YouGeeAye, hurry up and make it be Saturday.

Sat cannot get here soon enough. I can't imagine what my next post will be if UCLA wins or if the Orange Bowl does something real stupid.

See ya :wave:
YouGeeAye Wrote:C'mon folks! Almost 60 of you have read this post and only 5 votes? Help a brother out here so I can prove a point to the FSU folks on the other board.

I will send you "I Voted" stickers!

I'm so glad to see that you finally find your way to the Georgia board... :D It's pointless to try and make us see and understand your point of view YouGeeAye, so quit wasting your time and energy. Turn the tables around and see if your wouldn't defend YOUR team no matter what :D

Go Seminoles 04-cheers

I do admire that you guys defend your team. And you are right, I would do the same in a heartbeat, but this was more about a 4 or 5 loss team playing in a major bowl than it was about FSU. I wouldn't care if it was FSU, USC, Miami or any other school, my opinion about 3-5 loss teams playing in major bowls would be the same....

Even if it was UGA. But winning the SEC with 4 losses (conference or non conference) will NEVER EVER happen. The SEC is way too tough for that.

"Look out world, here comes Bobby's 4 loss BCS bound Seminoles"
Maybe one day, they do away with the BCS and you won't have to ***** about it any more.

By the way, the Noles have been in more BCS bowls than Peach or other minor bowls!!! :D For the ninth time in the last 10 years, the Florida State football team will be playing in a BCS bowl as they head to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl. 04-cheers

<!--EDIT|MsNole|Dec 9 2002, 12:46 AM-->
You dont understand what im saying MSNole.I'm not saying FSU is normally in the peach bowl,i'm saying that normally if you go 9-4 you would be playing in the peach bowl.
GDawgs88 Wrote:You dont understand what im saying MSNole.I'm not saying FSU is normally in the peach bowl,i'm saying that normally if you go 9-4 you would be playing in the peach bowl.
Thanks for clarifying that. I thought my team was being degraded again and I'm sure you can understand that... :D
Um, they won the ACC, that means they go to a BCS bowl, I dont see why anyone would be complaining about it. I think it will be a heck of a football game and I cant wait to watch it.

Because of my SEC ties, I will be rooting for the Dogs, and I cant wait to see that Georgia speed being put on someone other than my Razorbacks.

Go read the Sugar Bowl post on the FSU board if you want a few laughs. Get comfy..it's a long post.

The whole point of UGA fans bitching is that FSU wins a weak ACC every year. The BCS will hopefully prevent teams from going to a BCS bowl if losses exceed 3. That way a conference such as the ACC can still have a BCS alliance, it's just that their champion cannot have 4 losses and still have the BCS alliance honored.

This will get fixed because of FSU, so something good will come out of this farse of a game that UGA has to play. We really really really wanted USC, not a 14th ranked, 4 loss BCS team that won a weak, miserable conference.

Thanks for your good vibes though.
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