Full Version: UGA-FSU Breakdown
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Here is a complete breakdown of the upcoming sUGAr Bowl

Rushing Offense FSU: 192.5 UGA: 138.7 Advantage FSU
Rushing Defense FSU: 129.2 UGA: 113.9 Advantage UGA

Passing Offense FSU: 216.0 UGA: 254.6 Advantage UGA
Passing Defense FSU: 243.7 UGA: 192.8 Advantage UGA

Overall Offense FSU: 408.5 UGA: 393.3 Fairly Even
Overall Defense FSU: 372.9 UGA: 306.7 Advantage UGA

Ints-Return Yds FSU: 16-216 UGA: 14-356 Advantage UGA
Sacks FSU: 29-180 UGA: 39-270 Advantage UGA
Fumbles-Lost FSU: 20-10 UGA: 20-12 Fairly Even

Punting FSU: 38.5 UGA: 41.9 Advantage UGA
Punt Returns Avg FSU: 10.0 UGA: 14.9 Advantage UGA

3rd Down % FSU: 38% UGA: 41% Fairly Even
4th Down % FSU: 73% UGA: 64% Advantage FSU

FGs-Attempts FSU: 19-28 UGA: 22-28 Advantage UGA
FGs-Atmpts-Opp FSU: 14-21 UGA: 7-17 Advantage UGA

Touchdowns FSU: 51 UGA: 51 Even
Scoring Per Gm FSU: 31.9 UGA: 32.6 Fairly Even
Opp Scrng Gm FSU: 21.2 UGA: 15.3 Advantage UGA

Final Talley
UGA clear leader in 11 categories. FSU clear leader in 2 categories and EVEN in 5 categories. Seems like UGA can't possibly lose this game. No way, no how.
Nice post UGI.I agree that if stats mean anything then we should have no worries.
I get more replies on this post at the FSU board, but Paul over there keeps on talking about our loss to FLA. It's amazing that they have mentioned that game in the past two weeks about 839 times.

I guess we will lose the Sugar since we lost to FLA and FSU beat FLA. That is the defining stat of the Sugar Bowl. Hell, why even play the game?
Well, if that is the case, then I guess you could mention their 4 losses about 839 times each, giving you a grand total of 3,356 posts on their losses alone. 03-lol 03-lol 03-lol 03-lol

GO DAWGS!!!!!!!

Sorry, MsNole, gotta keep it in the SEC!
Oh, I think every time they have mentioned that we lost to FLA, I have mentioned their loss to Louisville 03-lol and their 4 losses and that they have no business in a BCS bowl.

They always come full circle with another mention of FLA.
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