Full Version: More Bad News For FSU
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Reported today in the Atlanta Journal Constitution

Dogs top 'Noles for top receiver

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Staff Writer

Athens -- Georgia and Florida State don't play in the Sugar Bowl until New Year's Day, but the Bulldogs won the first battle Wednesday.

Journal-Constitution Super 11 receiver Sean Bailey, the son of former Falcons receiver Stacy Bailey, committed to the Bulldogs over FSU. Bailey is widely regarded as the state's No. 1 receiver and among the top 10 nationally. He had 86 catches for 1,387 yards and 16 touchdowns as a senior at Milton High School.

Bailey chose the Bulldogs over Florida, Florida State, Tennessee and Virginia. He could help fill one of Georgia's biggest needs next season. The Bulldogs lose senior receiver Terrence Edwards to graduation, and two freshmen were forced to play this year because of a lack of depth.
you'll need him quick, I bet Gibson leaves early
By the way...FSU doesn't need him..they'll get either Whitney or Caldwell

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Tech could use him, but why would a talent want to play for a loser?

We have a committment from the top all-purpose running back in the nation 03-lol

You are too funny...

Why would we need a wide-reciever? we already have 3 of them, one of which was All ACC freshman team, but didn't play do to an injury this season.

You'd be surprised at the talent Tech is bringing in this year
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