Full Version: Musa can't be serious...can he?
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I heard a rumor that Musa is thinking about coming out early. He's picked up the pace the last half of this season, but in my un-biased opinion, there is no way he's ready to be an NFL tailback...especially not one that would get much playing time yet.

Any thoughts from the Dawg Nation?
Shockingly,i agree with you JJ.Musa is a solid college back but at best a backup in the NFL.
Ok Joltin, where did you hear this rumor?
It was a little piece in the AJC's UGA notebook sometime during the week of the SEC Championship. It just said something like he's "weighing his options."
Too Vague Joltin!

He ain't going nowhere.
Here's the only clip I could find...<a href='http://www.accessatlanta.com/ajc/sports/uga/1202/20notes.html' target='_blank'>Linkage</a>

Quote:There was some speculation that Georgia junior cornerback Decory Bryant might enter the NFL draft, but Bryant says he's definitely coming back for his senior year. Junior tackle Johnathan Sullivan and tight end Ben Watson are mulling over whether to enter next spring's draft. Junior tailback Musa Smith says he'll probably be back next year.
So this is what will happen, he'll think about it, decide it is a bad idea, and be back next year.

It's You-Gee-Ay, not You-Gee-Aye

Hey Nutt Sacc,

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