Full Version: If Ohio State could do it...
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Just think by how much UGA would have destroyed Miami if Ohio State could do it??

IMO, Georgia was a much better football team than Ohio State, and its too bad that the loss to Florida kept the Bulldogs from proving that.

We need a playoff!
I agree, i think the way we were playing we could beat anybody. 04-cheers
I also agree. The way UGA has played since the 2nd half of the Kentucky game, I feel we could beat any team in the nation. It was amazing how Richt toned down the offense in the 2nd half because he knew VanGorder's defense would never relinquish a 10 point lead and oh, he also did not want to embarass Bowden.

On another note, Ohio St should have never won that game. The pass interference call was horrible. It's a shame when a referee helps to decide the outcome of any game, much less a national championship.

Incidentally, the Big 12 admits that they have written at least two letters of apologies to schools on behalf of referee Porter for controversial calls. I suspect a 3rd letter will be written to Miami and maybe the 3rd time is the charm and Porter will never be allowed to ref a game as big as that one again.

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