Full Version: Is the NIL just a total farce?
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Seems to me that players at the "big time" schools are simply being paid to play and some are getting a million dollars or more. It appears that it is simply out of control and the NCAA is not even trying to do something about it. Fans don't seem to care as long as their school is getting star players. In reality, I doubt it really changes our place in the "pecking order", when it comes to recruiting, although it will lead to our best players being "stolen" every once in a while. Should we as fans "care" about any of this, or should we just say "It is what it is" and there's nothing we can do about it anyway. I guess, like Pappy has suggested, we could support and watch DIII schools (Hendrix is not too far away), although I'm not sure it won't "seep" down to the DIII level as schools like Hendrix, Emory, etc. certainly have a lot of well-off alumni.
The Supreme Court said it was legal, and the only way to restore even nominal integrity to the process is a complete restructuring of college sports - and that ain't going to happen.
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