Full Version: Extra timeout?
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Per college hoops analyst Rocco Miller, "The OVC is implementing a fifth Media timeout during the second half of league games this season. Possibly will see a few other leagues do the same soon. 2nd Half Media Timeouts will occur at the 17, 14, 11, eight, and four-minute marks."

No idea what the reason for this would be. More time for advertising?

Currently there are 5 media timeouts in the 2nd half of men's games that come at the first dead ball after 16, 12, 8 and 4 minutes mark. The 5th comes at the first called timeout of the 2nd half. A team calls a 30-second timeout in the second half and if it is the first team timeout called, the 30-second timeout stretches to a media timeout. This media timeout is known as a "floater" because it can come at any time during the 2nd half. The NCAA and the OVC are experimenting with this by getting rid of the "floater" but they are keeping all 5 media timeouts at specific times. There are some games when a timeout is not called in the 2nd half so the "floater" never happens and advertisers are unhappy about that because they miss out on that paid air time. Another possible reason is to keep from having back to back, long media timeouts just seconds apart like in last night's game with UCA. UCA called a 30-second timeout with 1:47 to play and that was the floater that turned into a long media timeout. Then, 41 seconds later UCA fouled, stopping the clock, and that was the 4-minute media timeout. So doing away with the floater can help speed up the last few minutes of a game.
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