Full Version: Won a Tough one on the Road (Again)
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I was out of town and didn't get to see the game. I intend to watch it on ESPN+ replay. Anyone have any notes on any improvement on Offense? Anyone? Anyone?
Our Defense get a A+++

Our offence has failed and is in summer school...
The defense carried the game. #55 Owen Porter looked absolutely phenomenal. Probably the best DB play that I've ever seen.

The offense was bad but did show signs of life on occasion. Fancher had a few good passes but set himself apart from Colombi by his ability to scramble for 1st downs. He also had the occasional "deep" pass to keep the defense from honest. It was nothing amazing but the JMU defense was stout. The lack of 1st downs and sustained drives was a big issue.

I don't think Fancher will be great this season or think anything is really fixed but I do believe things might be serviceable and 7+ wins is a possibility as he gains confidence.
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