Full Version: If You Have Two Quarterbacks...
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If you have two Quarterbacks...That means you don't have a Quarterback. I was sure Colombi had the chops to be the leader, but now we look like a rudderless ship. I will say that a 3 game away schedule will definitely take it's toll on a team that is still trying to gel as a unit (O and D). So I'm going "all in" till Louisiana. If we play with no turnovers and not many penalties then we should be good for the meat of our schedule. But if we still look like we did at BUGs and Troy then it is deeper than a team trying to gel and find themselves. Those mistakes generally point to bad coaching. These guys have been playing football since midget league, they know how to hold on to the ball and they know how to restrain from committing a penalty by the time they reach college level. Sure it's gonna happen every once in a while, but if it's happening like it has been happening then that's all coaching. Coaching instills pride in one's job, responsibility, accountability, and leadership. The lack of those things result in dumb penalties, turnovers and lack of motivation... defeatism.
Well, it's also hard to manage a game flat on your back. The line sucks bovine balls. #52 is as useful as rubber lips on a woodpecker. I agree with you though. The team can't get into any rhythm with two qb's. Hell, everyone in the stadium and in TV land knew when Filcher came in that he was running. Just like Zbum last year.
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