Full Version: Great article if ya'll haven't seen it yet.
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(09-16-2022 12:04 PM)forphase1 Wrote: [ -> ]https://www.si.com/college/2022/09/15/ma...BG5v-dt6mg

Read it this morning... great article.

"Huff came to Marshall after spending two seasons under Saban at Alabama—“a two-year doctoral program,” he calls it. He copied and pasted as much of the program as possible and brought it with him to Huntington. He talks like Saban (“the process” comes up often) and even dresses like him (same style hat and vest on the practice field). Of all the Saban assistants now leading their own programs, he might be most like his former boss.

“I’m probably 90% of everything we did at Alabama,” Huff says. “We’re a little different in terms of personality. We beat Kentucky by 60 [in 2020], and in practice the next week you would have thought we lost by 10. But I understood what he’s doing. I can’t be that extreme, but I can also get [the Marshall players] to understand: we beat Notre Dame by five, we should have won by 11. We left some things on the field.

The man who would be Saban indulged himself with a cigar when he got home Saturday night and a Waffle House breakfast Sunday morning. He returned all of the 350 text messages that had accumulated shortly after the final gun at Notre Dame. Then it was back to the office and back to the grind—Saban, after all, had a staff meeting at Alabama the day after winning the national championship in 2021."
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