Full Version: Garrett Wolfe - #97 top 100 RBs last 60 Yrs
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No real blurb about Wolfe specifically... this was about the group in general:
Quote:The first six players on the list proved almost as dangerous catching passes as they were taking handoffs. And after players such as Donny Anderson and Ronnie Harmon paved the way, Travis Etienne showed the finished form of such a back, rushing for more than 1,600 yards twice and catching 85 balls for 1,020 yards over his last two seasons.

Quote:100. Greg Lewis, Washington (1987-90)
99. Ronnie Harmon, Iowa (1982-85)
98. Rueben Mayes, Washington State (1982-85)
97. Garrett Wolfe, Northern Illinois (2004-06)
96. Donny Anderson, Texas Tech (1963-65)
95. Travis Etienne, Clemson (2017-20)

No other NIU RBs listed.
Nice! Garrett's in impressive company on that list. Took a quick glance at the names and it looks like only 9 backs from non-P5 programs, and no one else from the MAC. Little surprised Michael Turner didn't make it, but glad we are represented.
I'll fight anybody. He should be ranked higher than that. With the way he single handedly ran a clinic on Ohio State and Michigan.
He definitely deserves to be in a top 100 list of RBs. Most of the RBs on this list had college career stats inferior to Wolfe. Many of them were nowhere near Wolfe's 5,100 career rushing yards.

I had to look up Kevin Smith at UCF. He had less career yards, TDs, and averaged 1.3 yards per carry less than Wolfe (6.5 ypc vs. 5.2 ypc).
Wolfe was a - take it to the house - back more than anyone I’ve ever watched. He was Dri Archer if Dri had jukes and spins.
Give that O-line some credit also, they created some big openings against bigger D-lines and Wolfe hit that hole with precision timing.
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