Full Version: Six Thousand or Billions of Years Old?
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I ran across this the other day and its exactly what I have long believed the Bible plainly teaches on this subject.

So many people in modern times reject the Bible because they think science has disproven the Bible, but they have never really examined what the Bible says about this beyond biased assumptions and just flat out misinformation. You literally don't have to disagree with ANYTHING modern science says about the age of the earth or the big bang. You can literally agree the science points to whatever they believe it points to, with zero contradiction or issue. No matter what they say it fits perfectly within the Bible for one simple reason, scripture both states and illustrates God created things with age built in. That includes the stars, earth, man, everything in the physical universe even down to the atomic level.

One of the most obvious examples is Adam. Adam was never a baby, he was never bottle fed, he was never a child. He was created as a full grown man. He was created with age already built in. If he was examined by any kind of doctor 5 minutes after he was made, by all medical and scientific measure he would have been declared to be at least 20+ years old. But he was not, he was 5 minutes old. God created the earth and universe in the same manner, it was created at a point of maturity. So by all scientific measure, the universe and earth does appear to be billions of years old and that does not contradict scripture AT ALL.

The simple truth is you never have to struggle with science and the Bible on this, because its a total lie that its even an issue as a Bible believer. God created a system of laws and evolution, and He created all things at a point of maturity within that system of laws and design.

Not only does scripture tell us things are created with age built in, we see it actually being done in action with the first man and woman ever made. He created a system of scientific laws and evolution for man, animals and nature and then created the first man at an already mature stage of that system.

Biblically speaking, by all scientific examination the Earth and universe should measure as being ancient.

This is not some wild theory or work around, its just the plain written truth of scripture. All we have to do is believe it.

I hope this was a blessing. 04-cheers

I think this may fit into the age of the earth theory as well. How can a petrified hammer be found when they didn’t exist in that time frame?
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I think this may fit into the age of the earth theory as well. How can a petrified hammer be found when they didn’t exist in that time frame?

I've always thought that hammer was likely a pre flood hammer. They have found several items in coal before that simply should not be there.

Of course we don't know for sure but I'm of the opinion some of them might just be pre flood items. Scripture says they had iron and other materials before the flood.

Just think what a man like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison or countless others could have created or discovered had they had the advantage of living 900 years. There were smart men before the flood, and they had that advantage.

I actually think the Great Pyramid may be pre flood, but again we can't really prove any such thing fully. Its very different from all the other pyramids for sure, and whoever built it clearly had highly advanced knowledge of math, geometry, cosmology and many other things we did not understand until modern times. None of those things are built into the design of the other pyramids, only this one. And of course its the only one not covered in Egyptian hieroglyphs.

I'm of the opinion the the Bible is referring to it in a few places, but its nothing that I would ever argue is doctrine or proven fact. There are a lot of fascinating facts that line up with it and scripture though.
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