Full Version: Memphis 1/9/22
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We miss so many front ends. It's brutal. One of our best free throw shooters.
Fun watching Coach Miller dancing on the sideline.
Ado just got bullied
They can review goaltending now?
We keep answering. That's a goaltend.
ADO...No, no, no...our next Manute Bol
Get a stop!
Huge block/deflect by Ado!
Just an incredible game. Both teams making huge plays. Punch for punch.
Memphis (Harris) took two very lousy shots late and made them both.
What the hell DDJ???
Memphis has just made some insane shots.

So typical.
Sometimes I have no idea what the **** MAW is trying to do when he goes to the rim
Should have called timeout, clear out for DDJ could not have been the call.
(01-09-2022 05:30 PM)BcatMatt13 Wrote: [ -> ]Memphis has just made some insane shots.

So typical.

I mean we're like 60% from three
That's a crazy great shot by Harris. Uc had 2 great chances to answer. Can't believe that ddj shot rimmed out
I don't know what DDJ and MAW were doing at the end of the game.
Hey Wes, can i get a timeout, on either of the last two possessions...Good lord
HAHAHAHAHA way to finish.

Good effort. Year 1.
And I thought Penny's coaching at the end would ruin it. What the heck were the Cats trying to do that last :19 seconds?
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