Full Version: Memphis 1/9/22
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Man Memphis plays physical
Shouldn't that have been some level of a flagrant foul on Dandridge when he pushed Newman to the ground by his face?
Good start to the half. Really happy with how they are playing. Helps when JD is filling it
Memphis committing TO's, Davenport lights out from three, we are up quick in the second half.

I thought that should have been a flagrant on Dandridge, surprised they didn't at least go look at it on the monitor. They probably would have if it wasn't a Memphis home game.
Damn, this half has been crazy!
Have to appreciate the effort
Offense has looked incredibly good these last two games...need defense to start taking advantage of how loose Memphis plays though.
It was just a matter of time. Can't keep the 3 % up and Memphis just too athletic
Need to forget that sequence and regroup
Of course Memphis picks this game to finally play up to their potential
If you picked DeJulius in your "who's gonna blow the game in the 2nd half" pool then you're due for a payday.
DDJ not having a great half...just went Bad Shot-Foul-TO leading to alley oop-TO leading to monster dunk...not wonderful for the momentum in a hostile environment.
Quinones always plays great against us. He's averaging 8 pts a game, 17+ tonight. Seems like he's been there for 10 years.
(01-09-2022 05:13 PM)BrooklynRocket Wrote: [ -> ]If you picked DeJulius in your "who's gonna blow the game in the 2nd half" pool then you're due for a payday.

Definitely sparked that run with a couple of ugly misses and having his pocket picked.
That is as bad of a 2-3 zone defense possession as you'll ever see
If you're going to foul him, don't let him make the basket
Somehow weathered that storm.
Lot of reaching going on for Memphis on defenseā€¦
First free throw attempt of the half for Cincinnati.

College basketball is so screwed up the way the home team gets the officiating breaks.
Free throws. Unbelievable. Just can't happen
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