Full Version: Marcus Freeman 30 minute honeymoon
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Is over as ND blew 21 point halftime lead. lMAO
Tough first game. I think he gets a pass on that one though. The way they've looked in several games this year I'm surprised they were that competitive against that oSu D
What was worse is that not only did they blow a huge lead, but they also blew at least three chances to take back the win.

I'm sure Marcus is finding out what true d!cks ND fans are today. Poor guy.
It has the potential to be very rough for him. Opening at Ohio State. Clemson back on the schedule. At UNC, at USC, BYU in Vegas.

9-3 would be an achievement.
It was kind of funny watching him before the game try to figure out how to use the head coach’s headset for the first time. 2 staffers were trying to help him while he was laughing. Probably not something you think to walk through ahead of time.
Freeman was a good coach for the Bearcats.
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