Full Version: Scoreboard notwithstanding, UC has already won big
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Of course we all want the win, but when the clock ticks to zero this evening, UC will have already reaped unprecedented rewards for this '21 journey. This ride all season, but especially since the AAC Championship game, had been nothing short of surreal.

Over the years, I've been a frequent critic on this board of abysmal media coverage for our hometown's football team. That all changed dramatically this year as local TV has been all over the Bearcats. And it's not just the sports desks. It's truly the feel good story of the year. On Channel 19, this morning the anchors were sporting red and black and did much of the morning show in UC/Cotton Bowl t-shirts under their jackets. Between their banter and the live cut-ins from Dallas I'd estimate it filled about 65% of the airtime. Other channels have all done some version of UC/CFP specials and all have multiple reporters camped out in Dallas.

This is coverage I haven't seen for any local team since maybe the Bengals' Super Bowls in the 80's. Losing the Shootout seemed like nothing more than a momentary distraction weeks ago--over and done in two hours and then we partied on as a football national championship semi-finalist. This town is truly being painted Red and Black as NEVER before in UC history.

Cherish the moment today. More importantly, I believe we've witnessed a sea change for UC that will only gain momentum with Big XII membership on the next horizon.
Go Bearcats! 04-cheers
Agreed on all fronts...while it is more likely than not that we're not going to be thrilled with the result of this game, we all can't be anything but thrilled with the outcome of this season.
Besides the local pub, think of all the national airtime.
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