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Bearcats at the Cotton Bowl special on WLWT at 7pm tonight.
12 having a special tomorrow night at 7:30. I think.
I would like to thank 92 and any other posters for putting up these video's for us to watch. Plus just watched the Ford one. He is a great young man. I think he has come a long way both on and off the field. I hope he has the game of his life. He is a BEARCAT thru and thru.
I'll plop this here due to relevance...

Soak it up my Bearcat Brothers. Soak it up like soft toast on egg yolk. I really like the vibe the team is giving off. They didn't come to Dallas to just punch their ticket and play in the bowl.

They've come to win the whole damn thing!!!

[Image: KfSxsDh.gif?noredirect]
Where is there a site that lists UC events in Dallas?
(12-28-2021 07:53 AM)Z-Fly Wrote: [ -> ]I dabble in sports betting. For the last 8 or so years, I put $100 in an account around August. When it's gone, it's gone. Then after the Superbowl I cash out whatever I have and buy myself a gift. The first couple of years, I was out pretty early. The last 5 I've cashed out each year. My best year I cashed out $1500, which was two years ago. I'm sitting at around $950 right now. It's a hobby more than anything else. I suppose I do this instead of Fantasy Football. If anyone is a sports better, they know cashing out consistently is very hard to do.

What I've learned is, the NFL is damn impossible to be consistent. College football though... there is money to be made. I follow a system/scheme called Reverse Line Movement. The first few weeks are rough. Then as the season goes on, it gets more and more consistent. The bigger the game, the better the odds typically. I start out at $10-$20/game. Then I slightly start upping it as you get to the big year end games and conference championships. For example, I had $150 on Michigan +7. That game was a big blinking light in the RLM world. When the playoffs come around, I typically do $200-$500 per game.

The reason I bring this up is, the Cincinnati game is a big blinking light. If I didn't have a dog in the fight, it would be a $500 game. Vegas seems to love Cincinnati. If they didn't, the line would be around 21 points. Instead they dropped it to 13.5. That doesn't mean Cincinnati will win, but Vegas seems to think it will be a tight game. I like to bet with Vegas. They have a lot of money on the Bearcats.

It's not fool proof. Nothing is. I remember I lost pretty big in the Clemson/Alabama game when I had Alabama in 2017 (I think). I do tend to win more than I lose. I'm not suggesting anyone to bet or take my advice. Please don't. I'm not a handicapper, nor do I pretend to be one. I just found it interesting that Vegas likes what Cincinnati brings to the table.

25% Cincinnati +14 -> +13.5
75% Alabama -14 -> -13.5

What is reverse line movement?
Reverse line movement takes place when a large majority of bets are on one team, yet the line moves in the opposite direction.

Thank you Z-Fly for the info on Reverse Line Movement. I'm a novice at gambling, I have been doing it since New Mexico legalized gambling at Casinos in 2019. I'm up $900 for the year and will hit if 1grand if UC covers.
Do we know which conference the officials are from?
(12-30-2021 12:14 PM)eroc Wrote: [ -> ]Do we know which conference the officials are from?

Quote:The Cotton Bowl between No. 1 Alabama and No. 4 Cincinnati has a Pac-12 crew with Steve Strimling as the head referee.
Pac 12 Officials have been arriving to games in clown cars for the last few years, but at least they'll be impartial.
(12-30-2021 01:27 PM)BearcatMan Wrote: [ -> ]Pac 12 Officials have been arriving to games in clown cars for the last few years, but at least they'll be impartial.

Wouldn't bet on it.
(12-30-2021 09:39 AM)BearcatsUC Wrote: [ -> ]Where is there a site that lists UC events in Dallas?

Try these BearcatsUC:

Huddle Up Fest

Alumni Association Events List

Gameday Central
There's an awkward delay LOL until the 1:30 mark...

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