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Since FDU was too scared to play us, we have another opportunity for our 2nd game. This one slightly more difficult. Not playing FDU isnt helpful for Drexel. We now have zero real games prior to this game. No real warm ups, no real game speed. That is troubling. Syracuse opened Tuesday with a blowout over Lafayette. Syracuse will be long, athletic and playing a zone defense.

Turnovers will be important. If we dont take care of the ball, it will be a long evening. Melik, Mate and company will likely need to bring their A shooting game for us to give any chance at an upset. Attacking the basket will be needed, but length could cause issues, so we will need to find our shooters on kick-outs.

Let the season begin. On the road, against Syracuse on ESPN2 at 5pm. No bigger stage than that. We will get a good look at what we have this season. A veteran team should be able to compete when the lights shine bright. I hope that is the case.

Drexel- 58
Syracuse- 84
Vegas: Orange people-16
syracuse starts 2 coach's kids.

drexel 100
syracuse 40
(11-13-2021 08:23 PM)hiroshimacarp Wrote: [ -> ]syracuse starts 2 coach's kids.

drexel 100
syracuse 40

Be realistic!! Drexel 87 to Syracuse 64 03-razz
I would like our chances slightly better if we had an actual warm up game prior. Our history against zones isnt good though
U16 down 12-8. Struggling against their length. Buddy Boeheim is torching us currently. We are getting no penetration so far
Shooting a ton of threes at the moment, seems to be our only source of offense.
10:08 left. down 19-1. We are moving the ball well, we need to keep making buckets. Butler struggling, Amari looking good. This will be a big game for Amari. Butler looks the weak man out there, surprisingly. Okros balling out
6:56 remaining first half down 23-20. Looking ok. Ball movement looks ok. We are taking a lot of 3's but I think we have to since we cant finish strong without getting blocked. Most are good looks, which is all we can ask for. Butler seems to be hurting us and Juric standing doing nothing on offense isnt helping
up to 6 made 3s now as we lead 26-23. Cuse around 4 minutes without scoring
4:49 left, timeout Cuse. 28-23 we lead. 8-0 run
Good stretch by our defense. Offense seems to be getting more comfortable with the zone. Syracuse definitely has a couple of runs left, but hopefully we can keep it up and hang around even if Cuse pulls ahead again.
Under 4, 28-25. Butler is hurting us out there and is quite slow. We need to limit his minutes. Let Amari's athleticism show
7-15 from 3!
Gotta stay smart and make smart passes. Forced passes leading to running will end poorly
Halftime. Big shot by Cam at the half. 33-32 lead.
Keeping the ball moving and hit some shots. We have a chance. But have to value the ball when their zone is moving around. Keep them in the half court
Best ball movement I have seen from a Spiker team. We looked extremely well-prepared.
That first half performance looked like a team that can do some real damage in the CAA. Sustaining it is the tough part, but it's great to see what they're capable of.
For those watching, we actually made a run with Cam on the bench. This depth is glorious to see
Oof. Cuse starts out with 2 3's
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