Full Version: Can anyone spell Win Streak? How about those Cougars!
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Feels good, doesn't it?
It was an awesome game. Chicago State shut down another team at the end of the game and pulled away. Congrats Cougars! Really enjoyed seeing you win again!
Regretfully couldn’t attend, but this is awesome!
(11-12-2021 10:42 PM)IWokeUpLikeThis Wrote: [ -> ]Regretfully couldn’t attend, but this is awesome!

I watched. From broadcast and production, announcers, atmosphere, crowd support, the game, it was all great. Best I've seen at CSU in a while.
Congrats CSU! Keep it going! If you take down 30th ranked Loyola Chicago on Tuesday then the whole world will know your name! 04-rock
What impresses me is that so often teams at the bottom of the food chain like we are don't bother to play any defense. But our defensive numbers after two games are pretty good. Granted our opponents were weak, but at least it indicates that the new coach does want us to play D. When you hold teams to 35% overall and 28% from the arc, that ain't chicken feed. (We could stand to practice our free throws, though.)

We are shooting 40% from the arc, and our opponents are shooting 28%. A twelve-point differential in 3PT shooting percentages will win a lot of ballgames for us.
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