Full Version: Game Day Thread: Cincy at usf
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Pregame indicated that Bales is going to be the sole kicker tonight
Myjai jumps the gun and gets flagged.
Myjai has struggled to make an impact so he’s been trying to make up from by timing the snap
How in the world do you continue to jump!? Watch the ball!!
usf runs some type of bulk motion on the punt and they draw brooks offside to get the first
I couldn’t watch on delay. If they suck it’s my fault.
Plain stupid penalties.

Both need to be pulled and bencened for afew plays.
Once again we can’t get off the field
very disappointing with the two penalties early need a stop
Their QB throws the ball like he’s playing in the street in front of his house.
Speaking of penalties...their Left Tackle just straight up tackled Vann to the ground without a flag...
According to Justin Williams, Renfro is OUT, McConnell playing in his place.
(11-12-2021 06:07 PM)Billy_Bearcat Wrote: [ -> ]Once again we can’t get off the field

Pressure their young qb on 3 and long? Nah rush three and give him all day instead
can’t get a stop again
Had him behind the line. Still can't tackle
6 minutes gone already
That drive was so frustrating because we got 4 separate 3rd down stops.
another awful start
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