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Non-DI home opener for the men tomorrow night. First real look at what we have. Biggest keys are seeing how we fill TJ/Waltons role. As well as seeing the early steps forward our freshman have taken from last season to this one. Should be a blow out, hopefully we look sharp and ready to defend out title. CAA appears wide open, so we need to take the opportunity in front of us.

Banner drops so come out and support the doubleheader opener for basketball if able.

For fun:
Neumann- 52
Drexel- 86
I am excited to see the depth chart
It's not a sellout yet, but there's a good amount of tickets sold already for tonight's doubleheader. Hopefully the student section is filled tonight. It's a triple whammy tonight. First time fans will be able to watch both teams in person in two years. First game for both of our defending championship teams. And when Jim Rullo was a player, he always brought a large crowd of family members to the games for both home and away games. I would expect the same tonight, and I wouldn't be shocked if a large amount of tickets sold tonight are from the Neumann/Rullo contingent.

Should be fun tonight.....GO DRAGONS!!!!!
I understand the opponent, but there is literally 0 reason tonight shouldnt be a sellout. Both teams get to drop the banner. That alone should fill the arena. If not, then we need to start getting aggressive on selling the program to students, alumni, past families/friends, local basketball fans. Until the team falters, the excitement should be at an all time high, if it isnt, we need to be doing more to get there.
Only the men are dropping the banner tonight. Banner drop is at 7:45. The women get their night on Friday when the men play first and the women drop the banner before the SJU game at 7:45.
Gotcha. Then the mens game should be a sellout regardless, hows that. Not sure why you wouldnt just drop both tonight (separately) prior to the games. Betting you would get more butts in seats doing that than having the women drop their own night hoping people stick around after a mens game. I could be wrong on that. Regardless anyone near should be there tonight (and Friday).
[Image: 5tl2mm.jpg]
Down 1 at the U16
Taking control Neumann forced to call a timeout at 10:46, which gets to the U12. We are now up 24-13. 16-3 run in the last 4:28, 10-0 over the last 2:08
U8 timeout at 6:48 remaining in 1st half, up 28-22. Spiker giving everyone some run, so definitely seeing some different line ups. Like seeing that.
Half of our shots are from 3. Even against a bad team, thats a little concerning.
u4 media, up 32-22. 28 total shots, 14 are from 3.
At half we are up 44-29. Cam and Butler are a combined 8-9 (cam missed basically at the buzzer). Once we started getting to the basket instead of shooting 3s we increased our lead. 16 of our 35 shots from 3. Glad everyone is getting some floor time tonight, though. This is the type of game to see everyone at game speed, so kudos to Spiker
Up 51-29. timeout Neumann
U16 timeout, up 63-36. Time to give freshman and Coletrane some longer run and see what we might have. Martin looking good in his debut so far with 13 points and 5 rebounds in just 15 minutes
a couple quick 3s by Oden and Neumann calls a timeout. Up 30
up 77-45 at the U12. Spiker really playing the bench now, which is great to see. Washington, Juric, Brown, Amari and Oden currently. Let the youngsters play some real minutes. Keep Cam and Butler on the bench
U8 up 81-51
Is Drexel radio not working? Looks like we are close to get free cheesesteaks! 03-razz
U4. Final stretch. Up 94-64. Lets get to the 100 mark on the banner drop. That'd be a great way to set the tone for the season and hopefully bring those students back for more (despite the opponent)
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