Full Version: CAA MBB Preseason - Drexel picked to finish 3rd. Wynter Preseason POY
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The Defending CAA Champions are picked to finish 3rd in the conference behind Delaware and Northeastern. I think that's where they were picked to finish last year, and probably would have finished around 3rd place had they played a full season. Drexel got 5 first place votes.

Wynter picked for preseason POY and Wynter and Butler are on the CAA First Team.
Fair spot for them, but optimistic they'll finish higher. Should be a fun season!
putting these standings together remind me of playing pin the tail on the donkey...especially with us. i don't see us finishing in the bottom half. i do think there's a chance we blow the doors off everyone. we are defending champions after all. it's impossible to tell with that title coming out of nowhere. we haven't proven we can survive the january-february blues of having to travel to places like wilmington and harrisonburg. at least some of these trips are early in the season.

if we can manage that...i feel like we're better on paper. bickerstaff didn't do much for me and i'm expecting big things from the sophomores this year.
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