Full Version: Tulane does need to enhance its non-conference schedule
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Not really. 14,000 students means alumni living in the area. This also means they should be able to fill a 33,000 seat stadium. Ole Miss usually doesn't fill their stadium unless its a big game either.
I agree with much everyone is saying, however, Tulane is in a position that the other schools mentioned in this thread.

Tulane does not have a home field, the dome is very expensive.

Tulane is forced to compete with the Saints and now the Hornets for the dollar

Also, yes New Orleans is a much larger market, perhaps in the entire conference, but LSU hold the lion's share of fan loyality in the area

Real world, Tulane HAS to attract more fans, no matter what it takes and playing the likes of U.L. Monroe, Southern, Navy is not going to cut it <img border="0" title="" alt="[Confused]" src="confused.gif" />
From the comments from the Southern officials, it looks like the game last weekend will be it for our football series with them. I think that's sad. I enjoy having our team playing them and their fans seem to be a classy bunch. Much nicer group of fans than some others I could name and they do support their team.

Considering that our team has to go on the road this year for 3 straight C-USA games on consecutive weekends and then come back home to face a top ten Texas Longhorn team they deserve the other part of the schedule. No one else this year in all of Div. 1A is having to play 3 conference games in a row on the road. Also, having the Southern game to open with and to build a little confidence and work out kinks before the C-USA schedule is more than slightly meaningful. Opening last year with back-to-back powerhouse teams on the road took the starch out of our team right off the bat, and until this year every year that Chris Scelfo has been here Tulane has opened on the road against a strong opponent and has suffered a loss.
Good post, Fogalmanic, Southern University and its fans are top notch, classy people. You are right about the Wave having to play three straight conference games on the road, this is pure nonsence.

In regards to the past two years Tulane having to play the first two games on the road against superior foes was unfortunate, however, you will agree Tulane has a much better team than the past two and will continue to improve. But we have to increase our fan base. I will post a new topic which may help. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Roll Eyes]" src="rolleyes.gif" />
I don't want to play Southern again unless there are I-A refs at the game. Also the Southern team did a little too much taunting for my liking especially as they were being blown out.
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