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In 2023, the Leagues Cup will become a monthlong event featuring every team in MLS and Liga MX and feed into the new CCL. Concacaf, MLS and Liga MX on Tuesday afternoon unveiled a new club competition structure that will reshape men’s professional soccer across the region and especially in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

The revised Concacaf Champions League format and enlarged, inclusive Leagues Cup tournament, which will feature every MLS and Liga MX team, supplant the previous overhaul unveiled in early February. The modified competitions will kick off in 2023-24.

There are still several unknown details, but it’s understood that the new Leagues Cup format will comprise a group stage followed by knockout rounds (eventually 16 groups of three feeding a single-elimination round of 32), with prize money increasing as the competition progresses. It will continue to be staged in the U.S. and Canada, at least in the near term, and will qualify three clubs to the new CCL. Among the unannounced or unresolved issues: It’s unclear how the cup will be seeded/bracketed, whether there will be a third-place game or how eliminated teams will spend the remainder of the Leagues Cup break.

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(09-21-2021 06:28 PM)DawgNBama Wrote: [ -> ]Against it. 01-lauramac2 05-ban 05-ban 05-mafia

Against this format, or against any new MLS/Liga MX competitions?
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