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Who is the main football rival for the Green Wave? I immediately think about LSU, but you guys don't play LSU every year. I remember the 25000 showing for the LSU/Tulane baseball game earlier this year, so obviously it's a big-time rivalry in other sports.

What about for football though? Is it Southern Miss
Well it traditionally has been LSU. The series started in 1893 and from the 30's to 1981 we played for the Rag which was a big flag that was half purple and have green and said Lsu on the purple side and Tulane on the green. When we beat them 48-7 in '81 and our cheerleaders went to get the rag it was "missing". Anyway they continued playing every year until 1994 and then LSU did not renew the contract after 100 years. We played in 1996 and 2001 in Tiger Stadium and LSU is supposed to make a trip to the Superdome in 2005. The series has been played 94 times over those 108 years. We play them twice in baseball every year and this year we play them in basketball for the first time since 1981. The rivalry was rekindled when we beat them in the Super Regional in 2001 to go to the College World Series.

We have traditionaly had big rivalries with the SEC Mississippi schools. We played them every year home and away until the early 90's. We trail Ole Miss 40-29 and Mississippi State 27-24-2. We have no plans to play Ole Miss since they won't give us a 1-1 but we do have a 3-3 series worked out with MSU. We open 2003 in the Superdome with Miss State.

I guess our biggest rival now is Southern Miss. Every year the winner of the football game gets this giant bell with both of the schools logos painted on each side. They lead the series 17-6 and we've only won once since 1994. C-USA did deem USM our "natural or common" rival which means that in the rotating schedules of basketball and football we are guranteed to play USM every year.
I think you can look for LSU to try to get out of playing the 2005 football game in the Superdome, if they haven't already quietly done so.
they'll try to get out if it and if they do I say we should drop the Tigers forever. LSU has started this in-state thing with rotating the state schools (ULM, ULL, LTU). Let them play at Tiger Stadium every year. I only want this series to continue if its 1-1 or just every year home and away. If not let the other schools play LSU, we don't need them.
LSU started the rhetoric about needing more $$ years ago back in the 1980's, when Chet Gladchuk was here, and I could see this coming back then. Now, I'm sure that the LSU crowd won't hesitate to jump in and say that the problem was TU not being competitive through the 1950's and 1960's and then again in most of the 1980's, thus having its fan base diminish, and it's hard to argue against that. I also feel like the once-usual attitude of a lot of TU fans that the LSU game is the only thing that matters and the rest of the season doesn't matter isn't the right thing, either. Fans need to be coming to games in numbers each and every night whether TU is playing some team that the fans are familiar with or TU is playing East Montana St.; that's the only way TU football on the Div. 1A level can survive, to state it bluntly. It's better for TU not to be playing LSU at all, if that's what it takes for the fans to change their custom and to get used to the C-USA opponents as the ones that matter.

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In the 80's-90's we lost every game from 1983 on but most were competitive and we should have won in '87, '90, and '96.
I was referring to Tulane's overall competitiveness, not to how competitive Tulane was in going against LSU. In around 50 years there have been only about a handful of winning seasons and that's one reason, if not the main reason, why the fan base isn't larger. Now, why hasn't Tulane had more winning seasons? That's not LSU's fault. More like TU's own fault with administrations enacting de-emphases of football but continuing to play the same type of schedules as if there were no de-emphasis, a surefire recipe for losing games and turning fans away.

I'd certainly prefer 1-to-1 home-and-home deals from the aspect of basic fairness as well as with the other way you don't have as much chance to win, and on principle I'd just as soon see that TU tell LSU that unless it can be that way TU isn't interested in continuing the series. OTOH is there tremendous financial pressure on Tulane? There has to be, no two ways about it.
I agree with you and I don't see a future in football for TU-LSU. Its a shame I grew up waiting a whole year for that game.

Anyway I got my tickets for homecoming and so I'll be there and we (people from the other forum) are all planning a get together before the game so keep looking there also to see where we are going to meet.

Lastly I added the link to this board and the Insider board to my site...
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Arch rival encounters is what college football was built on, once upon a time, and it still is THE MOST INTERESTING AND ANTISPATED aspect of the sport. Certainely, the Tulane-LSU match-up meets all of the above criteria.

However, it has to be, on the contractural side, fair and equal for both sides. LSU uses all excuses to avoid this traditional match which ALL football fans in Louisiana want in all sports. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Confused]" src="confused.gif" />
It will be a very long time before you'll see LSU and Tulane on a home-and-home basis again. As far as they're concerned in Baton Rouge, Arkansas has that spot on the schedule, that's what they consider their "trophy game" and playing TU means next to nothing.
this is the only time you'll ever see me come to LSU's defense. Very few Tiger fans see Arkansas as their rival. The SEC forced LSU to play Arkansas on the last game of the year and forced LSU to move the Tulane game (92-94) to the second to last game (for them not for us). LSU fans do consider Ole Miss their biggest rival which while is a big rival is not the big game that LSU wants it to be. Ole Miss obviously sees MSU as their biggest rival. That ugly boot that Ark and LSU play for is terrible.
You're right. At one time the Ole Miss game was a major event but it's been a long time since Ole Miss/LSU was a game with bona fide national implications. Still, I don't see that they're really chomping at the bit to go back to having TU at the end of the year every year home-and-away and would gladly reinstate things on that basis except that the SEC makes them do something else.
no they're not lining up to play Tulane but they don't really get excited about Arkansas either. Right now they are a team without a rival.
Well, i'd say we have a number of mini rivals, but no true Auburn-Alabama type rival. We can claim OM, Florida, Bama, UT now, Arkansas, A&M as minor rivals, but for different reasons, we have no true one. LSU and Tulane wont ever be "true" rivals. We dont have a yearly meeting, and to be honest, in football it wouldnt be competitive year in year out. <img border="0" alt="[Cheers]" title="" src="graemlins/cheers.gif" />
Tigre has arrived, all hail Tigre the lone rational voice in Tigerland!! (j/k).

I'd say Ole Miss is the closest thing LSU has to a rival. I know Florida doesn't consider LSU a rival really, they have FSU, Miami, UGA, and Tennessee before LSU. UT and LSU won't continue as rivals if they only play every 4-5 years. Its a shame that the SEC works like that but whats a real shame is the Big 12 not having Nebraska play Oklahoma every year.
Well, I doubt Florida considers us a true rival, but I know we dont like them. Ole Miss is probably the closest thing to a rival, but they also have MSU. <img border="0" alt="[Cheers]" title="" src="graemlins/cheers.gif" />
nobody likes Florida which made yesterday all the more fun.
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nobody likes Florida which made yesterday all the more fun.</font><hr /></blockquote><font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif"><img border="0" alt="[laugh]" title="" src="graemlins/laughing.gif" /> <img border="0" alt="[laugh]" title="" src="graemlins/laughing.gif" />
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