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Figured we probably should have a thread of our other sports that arent basketball. Fall sports just kicked off this month.

Women's soccer won last night over Lehigh to move to 1-1 on the season (lost to Nova)

The men lost their road opener 2-0 to syracuse. They will face Lafayette next, on Monday (Lafayette lost 1-0 to UNCW)

Field hockey starts tonight against Longwood and then again Sunday against Temple
Field hockey dropped both games over the weekend.

Womens soccer bounced back with a 4-0 win over Lafayette

Men take on Lafayette this evening in soccer
Men's soccer lost 2-1 to Lafayette last night.
i saw field hockey is playing unc on 9/12. not sure if i can make it since i'm running a race in dc that morning...but will be interesting to see how we match up.
Field Hockey wins 3-2 in OT. Hannah Nihill scored with maybe 7 seconds left in the game to send it to overtime.
In addition from the past week:

Field hockey got crushed Friday against St Joes 7-2 before rebounding for that win over La Salle

Womens soccer tied La Salle last Thursday 0-0 and then beat Seton Hall 1-0 yesterday

Mens soccer lost to Stony Brook 3-2 on Friday

This week: field hockey gets Penn on Friday and UNC on Sunday, Mens soccer has St Peters on Tuesday and UNCW on Saturday and Womens soccer gets Umass Lowell on Sunday
Men's soccer won 5-1 last night for their first victory of the season. They are now 1-3.

UNCW will be a tough game but could really right ship heading into conference play. JMU and UNCW are the presumed top 2 teams.
Cleaning up results from last week.

Field hockey lost Friday to Penn 5-3, the lost to #4 UNC 7-1 Sunday

Mens soccer beat UNCW 2-0 Saturday

Womens soccer beat UMass Lowell 3-1 Sunday

This week:

Womens soccer is at Rutgers on Thursday and at Temple Sunday,
Field hockey is home Friday and Sunday (St Francis and Rider),
Mens soccer is at Hofstra Saturday
Tennis starts off with some invitationals in Philly this weekend.
Women's soccer fell last night at #16 Rutgers 4-0 and moves to 4-2-1 on the season
Over the weekend:

Field hockey lost to St Francis 2-1 Friday then bounced back to win 4-3 over Rider yesterday and are now 2-6 on the season

Men's soccer fell to Hofstra 2-1 moving to 2-4 (1-1 CAA) on the season

Women's soccer fell to Temple 3-0 and are now 4-3-1 on the season
Men's soccer fell again last night at Columbia 1-0 to move to 2-5 (1-1 CAA). Tough start for them

Edit: We won 1-0 so we are 3-4
From the weekend:

Field hockey beat Fairfield 5-1 and lost to Yale 4-3 to move to 3-7 overall

Men's Soccer beat CofC 2-1, to move to 4-4 (2-1 CAA)

Women's soccer lost to JMU 1-0, to move to 4-4-1 (0-1 CAA)

This week:

Field hockey gets Towson and Villanova, Men's soccer play UMass-Lowell, Women's soccer heads south to CofC
Field hockey beat Towson 4-1 on Friday and lost to Villanova on Sunday 3-2, to move to 4-8 (1-0)

Men's soccer tied Elon 0-0 to move to 4-4-1 (2-1-1)

Women's soccer beat CofC 1-0 to move to 5-4-1 (1-1)
Update from the weekend:

Field Hockey fell at NU 2-1 and bounced back Sunday to win 3-2 at Hofstra and now move to 5-9 (2-1)

Mens Soccer beat UMass Lowell 4-0 and are now 5-4-1 (2-1-1)

Women's soccer drew 0-0 with W&M and are now 5-4-2 (1-1-1). This was really one the ladies needed

This week:

Mens soccer plays 2. Tonight at Penn and then W&M over the weekend; Womens soccer gets UNCW (real tough game) and Alumni game against Delaware Sunday; Field Hockey gets W&M and Lafayette
Mens soccer lost 2-1 against Penn last night. They are now 5-5-1 (2-1-1)
Good luck to the ladies tonight against UNCW. Hoping that UNCW is looking past us to Hofstra and slip up
The women fell 3-2 in OT. That would have been a huge victory. They are now 5-5-2 (1-2-1)
Field hockey fell to W&M 2-0 and to Lafayette 7-0 and now fall to 5-11 (2-2)

Mens soccer fell to W&M 2-0 and are now 5-6-1 (2-2-1)

Womens soccer tied Delaware in 2OT 1-1 and are now 5-5-3 (1-2-2)

On the docket for this week:
Womens soccer play Hofstra Thursday and then are at Towson Sunday
Field hockey is at JMU Friday and at Virginia Sunday
Mens soccer has NJIT Tuesday and is at Northeastern Saturday
Mens soccer won 2-1 against NJIT last night. They are now 6-6-1 (1-2-2)

Over the weekend UNCW upset ranked JMU. UNCW is up and down, sometimes they look like a top team, others they look middle of the pack of a competitive league. Very much like us. Our record reflects the ups and downs as well. Hopefully we can start to find some consistency heading down the stretch and stay afloat to make the CAAT
women's soccer at towson eh? i'll see if the kids want to go down. i'm looking for reasons to avoid watching eagles game live so i can watch on dvr. takes much less of my time and i avoid listening to idiot announcers.
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