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Their problem is they don't have a faceoff specialist, they only win about 1/3 of them.

At least the women seem poised to make another run after a pretty tough OOC schedule, though feel like having the opening round of the NCAA Tournament listed on the schedule is maybe tempting fate.
Correct. A strong person at the X is crucial to success in lacrosse
We host the lax tournament this season. We did manage to qualify as the 4th seed. We face Delaware thursday at 4pm

On the womens side we face hofstra in the 2/3 matchup 7pm on Friday
We got smoked by Delaware yesterday 19-6. Towson won easily in the other game so Delaware and Towson will face off for the caa bid.

The women's tournament will start this evening
Will be a wet and miserable two days of lacrosse. Fortunately they have turf at Vidas Field. I don't think they'll get much of a crowd today or tomorrow, except for the parents and friends of the athletes.
Women LAX meets Towson tomorrow (Sunday) for the CAA Championship.
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