Full Version: USL Exploring Relegation/Promotion
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How cool would this to be to finally have a professional soccer league in the United States with relegation and promotion? Also, switching to the "European calendar" - major shifts for many Americans!

Quote:In his presentation, Edwards set an objective to plan some major changes to the USL’s format. He stated an aim to have a promotion and relegation model between the USL’s two professional leagues ready to vote on by the league’s winter meetings, tentatively scheduled for December 2021. Along with that, he proposed a radical shift in the league’s calendar, going away from the spring-to-fall schedule used by MLS and switching to the more globally customary fall-to-spring slate. This “European calendar,” as it’s often termed in U.S. soccer, would include a winter break and second shorter preseason akin to Germany’s schedule.

With all of the MLS JV teams departing, I think USL needs to land about 16-20 teams to truly make this work. Make sure there's a reasonably equal number of teams for East/West conferences. Send the bottom two in each conference in Championship down, and let the top two in each conference come up from League One.

Ideally, I'd like to see San Francisco, Boise, Reno, Inland Empire (Ontario, CA), Fort Worth, Wichita, New Orleans, Little Rock, Milwaukee, Jacksonville, Huntsville, Lexington, Knoxville, Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, Virginia Beach, and Baltimore among the additions. Spokane, Fresno (Central Valley), Monterey Bay (CA), Rhode Island, Iowa, Buffalo, Northern Colorado (Windsor), Fort Wayne, Queensboro (NY), and Portland (ME) are already scheduled to join either League One or Championship.
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